crowded house locked out live

December 18, 2008 7 Comments
dankx75 asked:

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7 Comments to “crowded house locked out live”
  1. ramadarose41 says:

    some of this is definitely not on the Farewell to the World tour dvd. sad, cuz i love this version so much, especially the guy who comes up and hugs Neil. wow, why wouldn’t they leave that in for the dvd??

  2. Holygasoline says:

    Agreed, he was such a talent and always smiling, hope hes making them smile up there too !

  3. lol at the random bloke coming up on the stage, that made me laugh so much!! Love CH!!!

  4. tsefcik says:

    Paul is AMAZING in this song. The last 30 seconds or so – so intense, like he’s running at full-speed on a tightrope.

  5. ‘mazing. I love Neil :)

  6. Drummer Paul Hester was never without a smile on his face. It just seems to make his suicide all the more tragic. Heartbreaking stuff. a marvellous performance off a wonderful song. RIP Paul.

  7. ManicBaby says:

    It’s amazing gig. A little bit sad in the end but really cool. Neil’s so cute when the fan come up to hug him :D D

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