Crowded House Live Earth Australia

January 14, 2010 22 Comments
Crowdedhouse2007 asked:


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22 Comments to “Crowded House Live Earth Australia”
  1. maxtracah says:

    I love CROWDED HOUSE…Who is with me?

  2. dorcik93 says:

    What a crowd! Amazing show :) )
    I’m going to go on CH’s gig in Poland on July 18. ;) I’ so excited

  3. thekasskass says:

    Man this gives me goosebumps and brings tears to my eyes. I WAS THERE!! It was so amazing!

  4. Frikkel says:

    I wish I were the cameraman:)

  5. mine dream to be on stage whit thad crowd

  6. dgunnerz1 says:

    ha that was liam finn the camera showed

  7. smoodyroo says:

    Just saw Crowded House at the NEC, what a band! Gives me goosebumps hearing this one. They’re so talented, underated and great showmen. Long live Crowded House!

  8. omg I can pick myself out in the front row (white blodge)… crowded house ftw forever!

  9. sooznlo says:

    Thanks! Will do!

  10. ascha2l says:

    you can look at his blog on myspace, john bc walsh I think – talks about the tour with CH

  11. sooznlo says:

    Thanks ascha21–not who I thought, but clearly talented all the same!

  12. ascha2l says:

    John Walsh is Neil Finn’s guitar tech

  13. PawPrints24 says:

    I was at work when Live Earth was on but they had the radio on to 94.5 which was playing it and when Crowded House came on with the live songs and the crowd joining in it was so beautiful…I almost had a tear in my eye it was so great and also because I was jealous I couldn’t be there…and I can’t even go to the frikkin Perth show! Jeez it went from amazement to pure anger! JEEZ IM SO ANGRY!!! STUPID 18s+ ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. sooznlo says:

    Is that John Walsh from EMI/UK?

  15. tsefcik says:

    Amazing – most of us will NEVER see a view from the stage like that. More, more! Atlanta in September – can’t wait!

  16. glonyproject says:


  17. conradadski says:

    Great vibe see you in Winnipeg 5 rows back in September.

  18. conradadski says:

    This is great, see you in Winnipeg in September 15 rows back and it will be great.

  19. conradadski says:

    This is great, see you in Winnipeg in September 15 rows back and it will be great.

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