crowded house its only natural

May 3, 2007 24 Comments
dankx75 asked:


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24 Comments to “crowded house its only natural”
  1. corny vid but nothing corny about Neil Finn….great memories….

  2. Couldn’t help but notice Paul wearing a Blue Rodeo T-shirt and realizing the organ part in Better be Home Soon is very Blue Rodeo sounding. Coincidence? Maybe.

  3. aohletsgo says:

    Seymour on the inline skates lolage.

  4. acts2verse2 says:

    This clip brings back happy memories. These guys were on top of there game, great harmonies, great energy and great comedy. A real hoot

  5. peteybelljr says:

    yeh the lower voice is niel finn, thats the melody : )

  6. 398706 says:

    it’s like u woulda had 2 ov been there!
    if not enjoy the vid an don’t complain bout quality

  7. 21Twilight says:

    G-o-r-g-e-o-u-s … I love their music so much. And the video is funny.

  8. ady10001 says:

    The video for every song should be the same as this.

  9. Great tune from the old days but the sound quality is unforgivable, sorry.

  10. is the lower voice the melody? trying to learn it XD

  11. haven’t heard this song in a while the last time i did i was 3 or 4

  12. shpankyfunky says:

    it’s only natural that you should feel the same way too….uh yeah!love you neil

  13. Oh happy memories! Long time since I heard this one! Thanks for posting! LOVE these boys!!!!

  14. Tifroggie says:

    Wow! He’s wearing a Blue Rodeo T-Shirt! hahaha

  15. I love the guitar riffs and mellody. brings back good memories!!!!!!

  16. tillesh1975 says:

    So upsetting that he commited suicide :-(


  18. exxelent, i realy like the sound of the guitar.

  19. kevhead66 says:

    RIP Paul Hester

  20. cajohnson44 says:

    This is the song a gay admirer used to play to me in an attempted to seduce me. If you are out there Jason B, I hope the pain has gone away now.

  21. ady10001 says:

    CH have ace videos

  22. mike87dun says:

    ah the natural way of love you do what you want you say what you want to say and you do what you believe is right in this world as i say if it feels right then do it dont care what other say it your life life is a journey and we all must walk the path to our destinys

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