Crowded House Its Only Natural

August 12, 2007 21 Comments
JimEAPG asked:


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21 Comments to “Crowded House Its Only Natural”
  1. allnite74 says:

    I love Mark Hart’s guitarin this song. Alot of people don’t give him the credit for the Crowdy sound he was responcible for.

  2. Bolt220 says:

    This is my favourite version of this song. there’s so much energy and passion it’s insane!

  3. And this has what to do with this song exactly?
    Get out on the streets and protest if it means so much to you, instead of boring us with your unsavoury views here on youtube.

  4. junksleeper says:

    The Band’s best ever

  5. Joeclarlk says:

    Put your guns and your beef jerky away and walk out into America where Americans rule. No one is going to take anything from us because we do not restrict rights.

    On the cheap labor, we do have to get the rest of the world on a level playing field. No other country can compete with say China at 50 cents an hour, no OSHA, no insurance, no workers comp…no problem.

  6. tonimice says:

    Come on! Everyone was stoned in the 80′s. It made music better in that instant, anyway!

  7. What this song reminds me of is the last gasp of western culture and freedom before the islamic invasion finally stops all creativity and music and art and writing… is a matter of mathematics and demographics. Just learn to count and you will see that you are being outbred by the fascistic wogs who your governments brought to your country without asking you if you minded. We are being fucked over by our so called ‘leaders’ for the price of cheap labour.

  8. missacay says:

    hearing this song reminds me of the Beatles days. They sing like the English boys and it’s a compliment. great.

  9. wha65 says:

    The best version of this song for me.
    Both Finn’s on vocals gives it more depth.

  10. phugogarcia says:

    Ah yes! My partner and I were there that night in 1997 (?) Just us two and a quarter of a million others. I was just amazed at the international audience there. Everywhere you turned you’d hear French, German, Polish and many other languages just as much as English. A wonderful group and great song writers, musicians and lovely as people too.

  11. aoifegall says:

    Yeah I hear a lot of Beatles influence in Crowded House..which is a great thing imo! Fall At Your Feet is one of my favourite songs ever. I have a version of it here, check it out!

  12. 4rainbowed says:

    This song and “fall at your feet” —which I love, I’m newly addicted to it, not being familiar with 80′s music esp. from New Zealand and Australia.. (nope, not real young, was just stoned.) but I just wanted to say the two songs are kinda Beatles-esque if you get me.

  13. Still lighting up my dark times Neil. xx Thanxx x

  14. yes and what a great natural talent and it is warm down there in Sydney. 21 below zero here, tonight…

  15. Georgie17xx says:

    I love this song!! I remember growing up in the 90′s loving Crowded House, and all because of my dad haha.

  16. c2274swen says:

    Paul Hester R.I.P.

  17. thekiwiguy says:

    and the Rugby League WORLD CUP!

  18. dainteefan says:

    awesome harmonies……..probably the best ever

  19. vally1971 says:

    j’adore cette chanson et elle me rend toujours de bonne humeur RIP paul

  20. whodaman5 says:

    Great Kiwi song writers

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