Crowded House – Into Temptation

September 11, 2007 24 Comments
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24 Comments to “Crowded House – Into Temptation”
  1. ramadarose41 says:

    @kerryeffingyoder i totally feel you! Neil’s voice has haunted me since i was 11 years old, and it has only gotten better with age (both of us, that is). his lyrics and vocals are most incredible. it’s like honey mixed with vinegar, with a whole heap of love of music thrown in for good measure. “don’t tell” oy, it makes me shiver to watch/hear this song. i love it!

  2. sneakyfacsim says:

    House back yesterday and I missed it! Just caught it online at lastnightstvshows (.) com

  3. Another classic…beautiful ….very relateable..

  4. DragonzINXS says:

    my parents used to listen to crowded house stoned…lol

    Great band though…I like this song

  5. lozanochris says:

    @t7i7n7y … havent heard that song… ill have to give it a try now that you’ve inspired some curiosity!


  6. reilly1926 says:

    My wife bought me the album as a present when our only son was born in 1996. Every song gives me goosebumps as it takes me back that time for good and bad reasons.

  7. aealtizer says:

    This is wonderful. Thanks again Tabstarkin. First time I’ve heard it, finding music like this makes me regret some wasted time in my life, but I appreciate what we have technologically to find it now.

  8. t7i7n7y says:

    i thought he sounded a little like Lennon too, especially on the other track they did, ‘Not The Girl You Think You Are’.. utter classics and just perfect easy listening material ;)

  9. bossyboo29 says:

    “you opened up your door, I couldn’t believe my luck, you in your new blue dress, takin away my breath…”
    I hear you! That part always reminds me of my girl back then, who’s now my wife. One of my favorite groups ever!!!

  10. GwiberDude says:

    ”… into your wide open arms, no way to break this spell. Break this spell… don’t tell”.
    This song always reminds me of a time in my life that I will never forget. Haunting, brilliant song.

  11. dot4design says:

    Ausumn from these guys. MORE ´80´s music on my channel!!!!

  12. @westpalmscott I agree. I was am a big fan from the Split Enz day and saw the original CH four times. This is still my favorite. When she comes and this one—perfect.

  13. I also liked his previous band with his brother,,,,, Split Enz

  14. ramadarose41 says:

    Strange but just last night, my husband (who likes CH but is not as avid a fan as I am) heard “Something So Strong” on the radio in the car and came home saying that he’d heard a CH song that sounded a lot like John Lennon’s voice!! WOW! Neil’s voice has always been amazing, and to be compared to Lennon’s is freaky cool. Too bad that CH didn’t get the airplay in the U.S. that they should have!!

  15. monkeyboyiv says:

    Back in 88 or 89 as an extra project I compiled a soundtrack for the Scarlet Letter for my HS English class. This song was the main one.

  16. lozanochris says:

    reminds of a sad lennon song, love these guys

  17. MrJoeCage says:

    yes. it was an incredible album. i remember hearing it as a young musician and learning a lot about writing songs from it

  18. Neil Finn and Crowded House were the best reason for listening to pop/rock in the 90s, Heavy Lennon/ McCartney influence without being imitative. This is one of the best songs from what I feel is their best album. Temple Of Low Men

  19. I have loved this hauntingly beautiful song for many years. I had never seen the video. Thanks!

  20. shaemus64 says:

    Hey msred40 , please put some more of your stuff on . please .

  21. milosh212 says:

    this song bring tears to my eyes!

  22. chadworthman says:

    The flutes @ 3:02 always get me…

  23. kekekekatie says:

    Notice the soaring and diving violin sounds in this song. Death by pleasure. The closest to this I can find is in ‘Lark Ascending’ by Ralph Vaughn Williams.
    One is death by pleasure, and the other is the ascent into heaven (respectively).

  24. shaemus64 says:

    you have great taste in music . The more i hear this , the more i love it and i have heard it thousands of times . thanks for listening to my simple version .

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