Crowded House : Into Temptation (HQ)

July 29, 2008 25 Comments
SHAYMCN2 asked:


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25 Comments to “Crowded House : Into Temptation (HQ)”
  1. Lukas0472 says:

    Beautiful song!

  2. SKANDALROCK says:

    ????? ???? !!!!

  3. 29lollipop says:

    I love this song beautiful and full of emotions !!!!!!!!

  4. Mamsillen says:

    Pop music can’t get much better than this!

  5. shpankyfunky says:

    jesus….the sons is just perfect.
    neil sings amazing and he looks absolutely amazing in this video.
    i saw this video a couple of years ago on vh1 and i never saw it again until now.
    thank for uploading!!!!
    crowded house forever!!!

  6. IngerAnna says:

    The best song of the eighties!!

  7. AppleKhanoom says:

    First time I hear this song! And it’s great!

  8. SHAYMCN2 says:

    A hundred ! maybe Ive been let off lightly !

  9. SHAYMCN2 says:

    Glad you liked it my dear Carina !

  10. SHAYMCN2 says:

    Neil is a genuine Kiwi Nat., and a great bloke !
    And his ‘mammy’ is Irish too !

  11. SHAYMCN2 says:

    Glad to extract from this one the old dvd collection
    Neil Finn is a gifted songwriter

  12. dholm13 says:

    Thanks for the variety you have been bringing to us Shay! Not familiar with this one but it is very soothing. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  13. missbeauty58 says:

    This was great my friend, I enjoyed this very much.
    5 stars*
    Love Carina XXX

  14. You must say a hundred ‘Hail Aggys’ and you may escape eternal damnation!

  15. Kiwinil says:

    Great NZ band (back off Australia!)

  16. SheerFolly says:

    Too late Shay, the spell has been cast, I’m sorry lol.

  17. 2Shaymcn says:

    Its a wonderful song indeed Elin
    Glad to remind you

  18. 2Shaymcn says:

    Forgive me brother, for I have been led into temptation by Nina
    i shall repent !

  19. ooh I never knew this was Crowded HOuse singing this song..! what a surprise, only heard this like one time before, many years ago.
    I love it, wonderful melody and lyrics. Thank you so much for the share Shay!

  20. more great memories from the 80s but I fear your soul is beyond salvation in Jonkopping now!

  21. SHAYMCN2 says:

    He sure does Harold, great live band too!

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