Crowded House – Into Temptation

June 5, 2009 10 Comments
hazerml asked:


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10 Comments to “Crowded House – Into Temptation”
  1. IngerAnna says:

    O, how I love this song!
    It’s just perfect!

  2. draziwthe says:

    Roger Mcguinn from the Byrds fame was also quoted as being a big fan of Crowded House.

  3. Coowallsky says:

    Read awhile back where Elvis Costello said this is a song he wished he would have written.

  4. AlielLucas says:

    Thanks a lot. I also can’t get enough of this song, really goes deep and it’s my favorite Crowded House. Neil is just great in translating emotions! Fantastic!

  5. AlielLucas says:

    Wikipedia says yes… :( sad truth.

  6. j055w4 says:

    The guilty get no sleep
    in the last slow hours of morning.
    Experience is cheap,
    I should have listened to the warning,
    But the cradle is soft and warm.
    Into temptation knowing full well the earth will rebel.

    ^^^ every bad relationship ever. And most of the good ones.

  7. secondskin08 says:

    does anyone know if paul hester commited suicide… someone told me that and i was saddened….great song from a great band

  8. soozll says:

    Boy…Nick Seymore has a beautifully sculpted face, what great lips too..he is a handsome man when in a serious pose. Whew!

  9. mcswine57uk says:

    Thank you for posting this vid. Music doesn’t come much better than this. My favourite Crowded House song. Gets me every time. Wonderful.

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