Crowded House – Instinct (Top Of The Pops, June ’96))

January 8, 2010 6 Comments
spenceb9 asked:

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6 Comments to “Crowded House – Instinct (Top Of The Pops, June ’96))”
  1. wargasmnz says:

    @WhatDaSausage Ahhh see these days people are use to live acts sounding totally different to studio. Back when bands had to be good they didnt sound much different live v studio because they didnt have auto tune software like they do now. Now you can get a commercially sellable person and make them a singer even if they cant sing so live and studio are different, but with bands like this live and studio dont sound too different at all.

  2. tolchok89 says:

    That’s because they’re miming, except with live vocals. Top of the Pops forced you to do that.

  3. One of my favorite songs by them actually. But I honestly think it’s odd how it sounds EXACTLY like the album. Kind of fishy.

  4. smileyguy21 says:

    is that peter jones on drums? the late great paul hester played on the recording
    Crowded House rock! R.I.P Paul Hester

  5. spenceb9 says:

    Yup, also check out the version from Saturday Live I’ve uploaded too. Great to find these kind of gems on old VHS tapes…

    As to what Neil’s playing, I think they’re all egging the fact they’re not really playing their instruments.

  6. mdoy002 says:

    Wow, very rare live performance of this song, Brilliant! Not too sure what neil’s playing on the guitar though?

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