Crowded House – In My Command

August 17, 2009 15 Comments
realraylor asked:


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15 Comments to “Crowded House – In My Command”
  1. xlouhx says:

    Only missing one thing here…….Paul Hester….and his brilliant backings!

  2. they are on a whole other plane than the beatles, cant be compared

  3. Middsyuwe says:

    I’m a huge CH fan and Neil…..well, what can be said about him that hasn’t already been said, but nobody ever talks about Mark Hart. What a musical genius this guy is. Multi instrumentalist who really emphasises the songs. Just listen to the different vibe between Woodface and Together Alone and beyond. Imagine no Steve Nieve with Elvis Costello. Both amazing song writers but they just put the cherry on top for them.

  4. Middsyuwe says:

    You have to thank the producer, Youth for that, although CH did try to gain a production credit so it could have been the band’s idea. Agree with your comment though. Love this band to death and there’ll never be another like them.

  5. Marvellous stuff, Finn a songwriter/performer of the highest quality, thanx for posting this.

  6. rtermite3 says:

    I agree with norcalrob that this could be Lennon singing and writing maybe in the White Album era or early solo. I also agree with regcal that the studio version is better. But I’ll take it because I love the brashness and machismo of the song.

    This might be the most sexual song every written. It is certainly not fluffy and not vulgar. But it really nails the dominant/submissive aspect of sex and the associated come on.

    Neil Finn is just plain awesome.

  7. regcal says:

    The studio recording is so much better. During the bridge, the vocals are scaling up while the bass is coming down…it’s a really neat effect. Matthew Sweet pulled off the same effect during the bridge on the Austin Power’s “Daddy Didn’t Care”

  8. leoisadog2 says:

    How can you hate him as a drummer? What is wrong with his drumming?

  9. fatoomstcha says:


  10. carrieve221 says:

    mmmmm, I’d love to be in his command!

  11. Thanks,I usually don’t like CH/ Neil Finn ( like Hole In The Ice) rock songs too much but IMC is f*cking great!

  12. norcalrob says:

    In My Command has a very Beatlesque sound, favoring a Lennon side of the song writing style.

  13. MrBowie says:

    he aint no Hester is he?

  14. joshualucas says:

    jeez i hate peter jones as a drummer

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