Crowded House – I Feel Possessed

February 27, 2007 22 Comments
Tabstarkin asked:

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22 Comments to “Crowded House – I Feel Possessed”
  1. I remember when I heard this song the first time. It has that eerie quality that is just beautiful. I have the CD somewhere, and now feel the urge to find it! Thanks so much for posting this true gem.

  2. katswatauchi says:

    I love this song so much !!

  3. Agree – some of the songs like Not the girl you think you are often remind me of the beatles, its great stuff.

  4. ailienhippy says:

    i loves this song

  5. i agree
    they’re amazing

  6. blknik says:

    Gorgeous song. Like so many of their songs, a great mix of melancholy and pop hook.

  7. burnsmay says:

    The Beatles from down under.Much more fun than all these overrated depressed English bands.

  8. whats your favorite song?

  9. G0dspelronin says:

    Their music is so brilliant..nothing like it.

  10. celtica99 says:

    These guys are so awesome! Love them so much!

  11. 2nd favourite crowded house song. timeless pop rock!

  12. klchok says:

    Thanks so much for posting all these great songs – I saw CROWDED HOUSE twice during the European Summer Tour in ’92 in UK and again in LA they are still the best live band ever!

  13. troppodude says:

    Its funny watching the video. The director is painfully obvious not to include any footage of Eddie Rayner on keyboards! Each time you see Paul he is looking over at Eddie smiling!

  14. 23flowergirl says:

    Temple Of Low Men was my favorite album for years. RIP Paul.

  15. krissynurse says:

    One of my very favorite CH songs!!!

  16. jayoasis says:

    it just goes to show that not all 80′s music was crap.

  17. kylehudson00 says:

    It’s a shame they don’t play this song live anymore…it’s one of my favourites!

  18. pommyknocker says:

    Their best work in my view

  19. jackypurts says:

    “above you, and beyond me too/
    that kind of view don’t need an explanation…”
    i love this band

  20. octamundo says:

    Im stuck in the 80′s especially CH. N one writes song as romantic as this. James Blunt eat your freaking heart out.

    R.I.P. Paul Hester. Hard to watch these and see you man, still hurts a lot.

  21. song is incredible. i always have good feelings listening to this band. its groovy, sexy. wish there was music like that being played today!

  22. This wonderful song is not known to many people–.

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