crowded house hole in the river live

October 30, 2009 25 Comments
dankx75 asked:

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25 Comments to “crowded house hole in the river live”
  1. anythingfinn says:

    This was the album that I fell in love with when I was 13, I wondered “who is this voice”? and have been a Neil Finn Fan ever since XX I’m 33 now!

  2. This is a really decent progressive musical composition. In all, the first CH was a masterpiece.

  3. 6GUNSOUTH says:

    Who needs a studio…. when you can REALLY sing and play. Talented bunch

  4. 1007sassy says:

    such a sad but great song

  5. mmt2853 says:

    i remember the first time i heard this song
    i was 20 at the time, boy time sure does fly by.

  6. mccormack9 says:

    Love the comment. I was a dick back then too. Was Eddie Raynor playing keys at the Tivoli show?

  7. har9020 says:

    Higher plane, not plain. But I get what you mean.

  8. mozeboy08 says:

    I love the feeling this song gives me reminds me of being about 10 running through the river in our village!

  9. PlasmicSteve says:

    It’s about Neil’s aunt’s suicide.

  10. PoombyRoomby says:

    i was 10 when i first heard this song in 87, it took me to almost a higher plain and i’ve never got down from it, i always wondered what the lyrics were about, besides sister madly this ranks as one of my all time fav ch songs, truly a work of art…..crowded house 4eva

  11. yomay1969 says:

    Saw them at the Tivoli in Sydney 1986/87 and about halfway through the set some dick yells out “Hole in The Riverrrrrr” and blow me down if Nick Seymour didn’t start playing the bassline, and off they went. They were that kind of band. (The dick was me, actually).
    From the Kardomah Cafe in the Cross in ’86 to the Opera House finale, never saw a dud gig from these jokers.

  12. rmsc1 says:

    I got this album for my 17th birthday on vinyl and it was actually on it because it was my favourite song on it as well…..

  13. Icepacalapse says:

    Badass………search, find, and enjoy obscure gems like this one.

  14. lommaren says:

    I prefer the Sydney 1996 version, but this one is very good as well!

  15. ronhelf says:

    One of my favourite all-time CH tunes. Nice performance.

  16. msredsox says:

    this is my all time favorite song by crowded house and im so thankful this video is still here ty very much who posted it.. muahhh!

  17. Oops. You’re right. I was just typing out of memory of twenty years ago. I should have looked it up before posting. But when you’re old enough to remember “CD bonus tracks” you tend to forget such things. ;-)

  18. AMD1969AMD says:

    Not true – Can’t Carry On was the bonus CD track :) Hole in the River was always there.

  19. I’ve always loved this song. My favorite Crowded House song. And if I remember correctly, back in 1986 it was considered a bonus track on the CD release, and was not included on the vinyl album version. (As was “Murder By Numbers” on Synchronicity by the Police, longer versions of Dire Straits “Money For Nothing”, etc.) So I remember thinking how strange it was that the best song on the album was only used as a CD bonus track (back when vinyl still outsold CD).

  20. urbantiki says:

    My all-time favorite song… thanks so much for posting this.

  21. misschalkie says:

    love this song, i had this on video but my rotten brother taped racing over it many moons ago…. where can i get a copy??

  22. benebrius says:

    this tune is my fave crowded house song….great to see some early footage!

  23. bhartra says:

    Something’s wrong… the video won’t load. Just get this spinning dot thing…

  24. buffon says:

    my best thanck you

  25. tabbykat9 says:

    that’s cool, i’ve brought the album when i was twenty like four years ago, but i’ve always love them before then, great band!

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