crowded house hole in the river live

April 9, 2009 20 Comments
dankx75 asked:


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20 Comments to “crowded house hole in the river live”
  1. 416billy says:

    edit – not this concert. i meant the first ever concert i saw.

  2. 416billy says:

    i loved these guys so much as a kid. the first concert i ever went to. on top of that, i sent in a request to our video station in canada at the time and to my surprise….they appeared in the studio for my request!!!

  3. I love this song…
    His voice impressed me…wow

  4. yellofury says:

    my brother got me this DVD for Xmas last year and Im so glad he did

  5. HarryUpHarry says:

    Best concert ever?

    Oh yes!

  6. Anag2080 says:

    I think hole in the river is their best! strange that this song has the least views out of all their other music videos.

  7. PoombyRoomby says:

    fav all time ch song by far, this and sister madly, i love them all but this particular song moves me…….

  8. almadora says:

    hard and honest and gorgeous.

  9. Anag2080 says:

    This is such a pretty song……….

  10. Icepacalapse says:

    I remember split enz touring with the romantics in the very early 80s.

    Strange pairing but it’s pretty hard to put these guys into a category.

  11. What the hell is everyone always going on and on about how nobody in america knows who Crowded House is?! FFS!!! they were contemporary pop in the USA. You would have to live in a cave in order to not know who they are! Lots of americans know them and lots of americans are fans.

  12. DGCUK says:

    shit!! I’d forgotton just how good croweded house are… cheers dankx75

  13. jamo5468 says:

    RIP Hessie,your great drumming and wicked sense of humour are greatly missed.

  14. i love this song so much
    the way it is written is amazing!!!!
    neil finn is a genious.

  15. revstyle says:

    What a song! What a moment! Captures the total brilliance of Crowded House. Neil Finn’s voice is awesome.

  16. I’m also a long-time American fan of Crowded House, dating back to my dating days of 1986 when I first heard “Don’t Dream It’s Over.” But even then, “Hole in the River” was and has always been my favorite song.

  17. JeremyGrayNZ says:

    I totally agree, one of my favourite CH songs… Can’t wait to see them in Hyde Park in 6 days!!!

  18. doriedoodle says:

    I love how they layer this song…from simple & haunting to raging pain to symphonic tribute to chaotic frenzy. I’m a longtime AMRERICAN crowdie fan! lOVE ‘EM

  19. roates says:

    they were adored in Australia… it was America’s loss that it didn’t take more notice of them…

  20. almadora says:

    so, so woefully underrated. i love you boys.

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