Crowded House History

April 5, 2010 17 Comments
PlanetWrok asked:

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17 Comments to “Crowded House History”
  1. It’s funny but in the last year, almost every time I go into Lowes or Home Depot I hear Crowded House songs. Maybe if they get you thinking about a Crowded House, you might decide to put on an addition.

  2. LindazEyes says:

    Recently, I walked into my bank & heard Don’t Dream It’s Over, sigh! (But about what: the economy or my own 26 yr. marriage.)

  3. LindazEyes says:

    To smiguet: I’ve seen an enlarged photo of Sharon online. She has a shop called Sharondeliers in Auckland, NZ. Her eyes are glacial-blue & cat-like, unlike Neil’s own turned-down at corners. Apparently they complement each other in many ways. Married 26 yrs. She’s sang harmony w/ him, too.

  4. smiguet says:

    I thought or was pretty sure that Sharon had really pretty big blue eyes. I maybe wrong, but she doesn’t remind me of the pics I have seen of Sharon.If you find out, let me know! That would be really cool if that is Sharon.

  5. katjay9 says:

    LindazEyes I think you are my long lost twin. I to am from TX and have been a fan of CH since I first heard them when I was a teenager in the 80s. :) Gotta love the Finn!

  6. LindazEyes says:

    From a (now in TX) fan since 1980, thank you for this bit.- Can’t believe it’s been 21 yrs. since Don’t Dream It’s Over! The raven-haired woman in the very beginning looks like Neil’s wife, Sharon Dawn (?)

  7. deckard1245 says:

    Crowded House is timeless music ,Neils songwriting is genius

  8. PlanetWrok says:

    The ABC website. You may be able to order the DVD there, but I’m not really sure.

  9. dorcik93 says:

    Do you mean CH’s website or this TV website?

  10. PlanetWrok says:

    Yes, that’s what it was.
    I only taped 1 episode. It was a series.
    Try their website, maybe you can order it (even overseas).

  11. alkadypod says:

    i did some investigating its called ABC series Love Is In The Air a five part doco on Aussie Music :) i would so love to get this series but its only avaible in Oz :(

  12. PlanetWrok says:

    Any other Crowded House interviews? Or other Aussie bands in general?
    No other Crowded House interviews.
    About 10 other interviews (from this doco) on my channel.

  13. PlanetWrok says:

    It was from a doco channel 2 (Australia) ran. After I chopped these bits out, I deleted the rest so I can’t remember what it was now.

  14. dorcik93 says:

    Have you got any other interviews? This is excellent

  15. alkadypod says:

    what doco is this? :)

  16. alkadypod says:

    god they ROCK I LOVE NEIL AND THE GUYS soooooo Much!

  17. smileyguy21 says:

    brilliant! crowded house rock! thanks for sharing this :-)

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