Crowded House – Glastonbury 2008 – Fall at Your Feet

December 4, 2009 20 Comments
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20 Comments to “Crowded House – Glastonbury 2008 – Fall at Your Feet”
  1. belbatron says:

    Neil Finn is one of the greatest technical singers ever.

  2. zilam98 says:

    that butterfly guy is such a trip hehehe

  3. SpencerIves says:

    Neil Finn? A crap singer? That’s an oxymoron, mate.

  4. great music crap singer

  5. trickychick5 says:

    Fantastic – one of those Glastonbury moments that will stay with me forever.

    A brilliant set, a fantastic atmosphere in the crowd, and the Mexican wave, the questioning of the security, the vodka jellies and the dancing intoxicated Butterfly Guy 2.31 just topped the eperience – very surreal.

    Most of our camp was there – we were near the dancing Butterfly Guy – Classic! Have started a facebook page on him, if anyone else was close by and had a giggle :0)

  6. bugsy158 says:

    Amazing song – Loved seeing them live. The crowd was amazing!!

  7. Shit they pulled a pretty decent crowd!

  8. ajacksb says:

    some say time is the destroyer but this video makes me think time is the creator

  9. wha65 says:

    Still the benchmark. They are great musicians.
    Studio quality live, that’s the testing material.

  10. zuluamuse says:

    Delightful! they get better with age it seems.

  11. Shame i missed these this looked a good performance i hope they play again this year id see them if they did.

  12. clarky202 says:

    yeh same and we got to go, all the way from middlesbrough! on a train! on our own

  13. trevtrash says:

    A good band lasts the test of time…and this is one very good band…showed this to my son who is seventeen today and told him this is music……he fully agreed…..i nearly fell of my chair…now that is praise if it were needed.

  14. abbster200 says:

    yeah tell me about it but i hope i can go next year !

  15. thats pretty harsh im 15 n went to glasto to see them. maybe next year hey

  16. abbster200 says:

    there reALly good i love this song i wish i could go to festivals but my stupid parents wont let me and im 15 i can look after myself

  17. ebz92 says:

    Nothing and no one beats Crowded House.
    and I’m only 15 and I think that!

  18. kevlevy says:

    who’s better? no one.

  19. 69nixon69 says:

    was that Prince Harry in the crowd at 1.15?

  20. Grawp55 says:

    Thanks, just beaut!

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