Crowded House – Glastonbury 2008 – Don’t Dream It’s Over

June 30, 2009 16 Comments
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16 Comments to “Crowded House – Glastonbury 2008 – Don’t Dream It’s Over”
  1. gal00li says:

    If there is a more emotive song on this planet I’ve yet to hear it …I’m a huge Beatles fan but this song blows me away…Already instructed this song to be played at my funeral….not for a while yet though I hope…Neil Finn is a genius

  2. si4106 says:

    amazing what a band

  3. r.i.p mr.paul hester.fuckin legend.

  4. philiq18 says:

    Man I love this song :)

  5. zuluamuse says:

    Truly, a class band!

  6. SKANDALROCK says:

    ????i?? ???? ?? ?????? hello from other side of the earth

  7. hahaha the end of this video is too funny. I love it when bands pick on the security guards

  8. trunkeight says:

    Neil Finn perfectly fills the void left by the loss of John Lennon. Bringing people together in our dark times.

  9. starpheasant says:

    I did see this at Glasto. So brill with Mark being back!

  10. me too.
    truly wonderful.

  11. Went to Glastonbury,
    AND if there was one regret, it would be NOT SEEING CROWDED HOUSE

    I don’t know what I was thinking, chilling at the Other Stage, when this Musical Masterpiece was taking place.

  12. He’s a funny bastid. Onya Mr 110.

  13. Saw this at Glasto – this was my highlight of the whole weekend. I cried as did many stood close by. Wonderful memory I will never forget.

  14. jordano1985 says:

    i was at glasto and they were the best performers we saw all weekend….we absolutely loved them

  15. josephgreer says:

    class act i seen them live in december my best band ever

  16. isaacb1996 says:

    luv this song thanks

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