Crowded House Glastonbury 08

September 21, 2008 10 Comments
thistwilightgarden asked:

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10 Comments to “Crowded House Glastonbury 08”
  1. ebz92 says:

    I have a feeling it may because it’s just a fun song, both for them playing it, and peopole in the crowd singing it :)

  2. zilam98 says:

    but why specifically on this song? ;)

  3. ebz92 says:

    ooooh seeing them live in 13 days… then again 4 days after that!!

  4. ebz92 says:

    I think he might see it as a bit of a “why not?” moment XD
    I would !!

  5. there’s a small boat made of china goin’ nowhere on the mantelpiece ….

  6. zilam98 says:

    does neil usually instigate a wave on this song in festivals?

  7. biffandrews says:

    i love this song man they were great at glasto and it was funny with the security man i couldnt stop laughing

  8. HyundaiLatte says:

    I swear thats Clark Kent on Guitar lol

  9. littlebliss says:

    They were so amazing at Glasto! I was so proud to be a Kiwi :)

  10. That mexican wave was AWESOME!!! I love how Neil got bowled over at the end too…classic.

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