crowded house four seasons in one day

July 13, 2007 24 Comments
dankx75 asked:

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24 Comments to “crowded house four seasons in one day”
  1. OperaNotes says:

    @future622 I love his daughter. I think it makes the show different from other shoes. The girl is so unique and intriguing. Found the song on the same place. hehe

  2. v111o says:

    It’s about video. But song is really beautiful, there’s no doubt. I love it.
    Crowdies are the best

  3. @v111o
    Wow, what a quick “lash out” you have.
    Try to see past imperfections to the song’s truth.
    My breath gets caught every time I listen. Beautiful.

  4. ZJProz says:

    Just like Chicago… wise

  5. v111o says:

    Cheap Dali fake. Salvador must be laughin in his grave

  6. draculu says:

    me too, saw it on lie to me, it seemed pretty nice…thx 4 the vid

  7. ferX27 says:

    eres bella, eres un ángel, me gusta cada detalle de ti, te lo digo aquí porque no tengo valor a decírtelo en otro sitio. bezitos

  8. deirnoel says:

    @vocanayc It *is* the shit. The ship doesn’t make any sense and he says it clear as day.

  9. Found this on Lie to Me*

  10. sambomcl says:

    @mnsundog If you like these guys you should check into a clinic.

  11. mnsundog says:

    if you like these guys you should check out the Wilryans on I-tunes

  12. vocanayc says:

    I know! At first I thought it was “the shit …”
    Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE crowded house,… But,…If you think about it though, it fits in the lyrics..

  13. capdexai66 says:

    Mouhahahahahahahahah… ^^
    The SHIP comes down…. ;)

  14. capdexai66 says:


    The SHIP comes down… ;)

  15. vocanayc says:

    The shit comes down??

  16. trippylippy1 says:

    @ ramadarose41 … so much for respect for someone who aspired TO and actually DID MORE than U have done (thus far), eh?


  17. trippylippy1 says:

    kind regards to the memory of paul hester … i’m sorry you felt the need to ‘check out’ when you did, lovely man!

  18. trippylippy1 says:

    @beamer7575 … yep! I admire your good taste.

  19. bazil2109 says:

    @polarbearfelly haha agreed

  20. @sparhawk1975 Well yeah, I agree with you totally. Doesn’t vindicate this video though!!

  21. sparhawk1975 says:

    as opposed to the music videos of today that are not far short of pornography? Pretty sure I know what I’d rather watch….and let’s just say….it wouldn’t be todays rubbish

  22. beamer7575 says:

    neil finn is such a great song composer

  23. ramadarose41 says:

    some of them are very surreal, and people just don’t get them. i love their videos, even back as far as the ones where they were Split Enz. i get into the weirdness of it all! lol

  24. @trippylippy1 Maybe, just seems reminiscent of most early 90s music vids, total meaningless cheesy rubbish haha

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