crowded house four seasons in one day live

January 10, 2009 15 Comments
dankx75 asked:

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15 Comments to “crowded house four seasons in one day live”
  1. littletown5 says:

    amazing of the few songs i know every word to!!!

  2. aviadmei says:

    I always like listening to this song in my darkest hours…. and that’s what makes it so special and important to me….

  3. sslloommkkaa says:

    love this song soooooo much!!!!!!
    they are amazing, especially live!

  4. orkneyfellow says:

    The simplicity and attractiveness of this song drew me in, back in the day. It was lovingly crafted, and has since stood up to the cruelty of time. And it will always be so beautiful!

  5. tvhp61 says:

    neil is a bloody genius

  6. ilooonna says:

    love this songggggggggggggggg one of the best

  7. P2ak47 says:

    haunting and delightful wit some classical lyrics

  8. dorcik93 says:

    kra?ded jak co? xP
    Amazing video and amazing concert ;) ) I love them ;*
    Aj low kra?ded ha?s O!!!! ;P

  9. HarryUpHarry says:

    I second that – such a joy. Mine was in Sheffield UK

  10. darthbabel says:

    aj lajk krowded ha?s !!

  11. 06komatic says:

    I saw Crowded House in concert at a small theater in Ventura, CA about 15 years ago and I still remember it today. They are absolutely awesome in concert.

  12. tahasic says:

    haunting and delightful

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