Crowded House – Four seasons in one day

February 17, 2007 24 Comments
Quiviro asked:

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24 Comments to “Crowded House – Four seasons in one day”
  1. MissDelify says:

    Very nice song ! I just love it

  2. As he started in Split Enz with his brother I admired them back then. Both make me proud to be a Kiwi!! Saw C.H. in Amsterdam a couple of years ago with one of my kids who is also a fan.

  3. leamgem says:

    Consistently good band who are slightly quirky, yet creative, witty and instantly recognisable. One of the leading UK singles from 92, (reaching a pathetic no26). The House have scored 12 UK hit singles to date, (excluding the re-release of DDIO), and I’m sure that the hits stacked up well down under too!

  4. Why do we enjoy beautiful sad songs such as these?

    Is it because these songs remind us of the fragility of life and love?

    Does an understanding of the temporariness of everything give us a far deeper appreciation of our lives?

    Do songs such as these subliminally remind us of the impermanence of all things and therefore give us a renewed appreciation of what we have?

  5. Kadaj2211 says:

    when i was a kid of 6years i loved this music..
    But now a phew years later..i still do ^^

  6. drakkas666 says:

    anyone following the music industry would know the House are not 1 hit wonders !Have u been asleep the past 20 odd years? Wakey wakey, rise and shine!

  7. Swisstian says:

    Then don’t fucking watch it then! You’re the idiot going on Youtube watching stuff you don’t like. I wish I had the time to do that, and slate everything that I didn’t like. Just focus on the things you LIKE then you might not be such a person with so much anger in you.

  8. What’s wrong with being gay? That doesn’t matter, they make good music and that’s what count!

  9. BENNIEBONGO says:

    Every time I hear is this song I think how perfectly shaped something can be, like a flower or a lake or a tree with the leaves red and yellow in autumn; or just like this song…… again, again.

  10. prfctday says:

    You obviously have no soul and no clue when it comes to music. Go and watch something you like.

  11. deckard1569 says:

    Amazing song ,timelss music written by Neil and Tim Finn,can;t wait to see them in Manchester! RIP hester

  12. RielofLorien says:

    amazing band. amazing to see live.

  13. Kingchin says:


  14. thezenpizza says:

    Just saw Crowded House at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles….It was fan—tas—tic.

  15. kiwigal36 says:

    I went back to New Zealand,and heard this song on the radio, the day of my Mums funeral, i was walking ib a beautiful area, with trees and ferns, by the Caravan park we were in me and my 4 kids 6 pf which were her grandies to make it, it will always hold a special place in my heart. My eyes flood with tears when i hear it

  16. jonogojonah says:

    WOW WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!!! You also need talent to be taken seriously, something that Neil Finn and Crowded House had (and still do!!!!!) in truck loads. Not like these fly by night manufactured wonders appearing and disappearing today!That’s why Crowded House is still respected today and why everyone of their fans is looking forwarded to seeing them again!!!!!!!!

  17. F00dTube says:

    It’s not hard musically, you need to be a smart businessman.

  18. Pearlieshell says:

    FOODTube – “One hit wonder.” Are you an idiot or something?????

  19. you hit the nail on the head,, im 15 n ive been into crowded house since i can remember, there one of the greatest bands in my mind.

  20. FcBourges says:

    So sweet!I love it.

  21. OP32007 says:

    “Smiling as the shit falls down, you can tell a man by what he has to say” – does it matter if they had one hit or several – this is a beautiful song.

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