crowded house fingers of love live

April 19, 2008 24 Comments
dankx75 asked:

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24 Comments to “crowded house fingers of love live”
  1. SpencerIves says:

    Mark Hart = Awesome

  2. Middsyuwe says:

    Personally, this is the greatest, live version of any popular song that you will find anywhere on this planet, ever. Blokes – next time you’re nearing the vinegar stroke try and time it with Mark Hart’s climatic solo. What a combo.

  3. shaemus64 says:

    Fucking brilliant .

  4. Lucretia9000 says:

    How did i miss this?

  5. d0nkeytr0n says:

    possibly the best song from my favourite Crowded House album….love it xx

  6. olliespike2 says:

    Fucking AMAZING………………

  7. SpencerIves says:

    Neil’s kiwi accent comes out a lot more live than on their albums. Not that i’m complaining :D

  8. shaemus64 says:

    what a flawless live performance . best live act i have ever seen .

  9. I love the atmosphere they’re able to create.

  10. Onwaarschijnlijk mooi

  11. somerset65 says:

    Could watch this video again and again, the live version catches the one off moment that will never be seen again, unless you were lucky enough to be there ..

  12. Aberjan says:

    it’s amazing to see him there, happy.

  13. RogerKev says:

    My favourite band of all time right there!

  14. Muito bom, do melhor que já ouvi.

  15. elcid29 says:

    Absolutely Awesome Song From Them, Love It !!!

  16. I was there!!! Bloody brillant and us Sydney siders love an excuse to party. The atmosphere and this song which was played near the end of the concert was just timeless!!! I sat over from the Opera House balling my eyes out to this because it was simply sooooo beautiful!!! I guess you just had to be there…..

  17. vin2216 says:

    always close to tears with this one, makes my divorce a good idea and a poignant one… how girlie is that!!

  18. woofian says:

    its a tight squeeze but i wont let go

    c in the house

  19. LindazEyes says:

    Maybe not a BIG fan, but if this can move you to tears (& you’re not the only one), you are at least a small fan! For a purer sound, try a couple of Neil Finn’s solo albums & the collab. w/ bro’ Tim. There’s much less Pop in them.

  20. Not an ardent fan of CH. Having said that a better live band you’re not likely to hear. Fab setting for a farewell concert and what a tune! Fingers of Love…something we can all relate to.

  21. “Color Is Its Own Reward”

  22. AntjaDec says:

    Crowded House has an ability to create some kind of mystical atmosphere :) ))))

  23. LindazEyes says:

    This particular song, the setting, having heard Neil or Mark say this was one of their fav CH songs- it’s so haunting & poignant. And even tho’ I honestly have to admit to usually preferring the studio cut versions, this is a definite exception. God, they were in fine form that night, you just didn’t want it to end…

  24. mpower6531 says:

    no just one in the middle for you :)

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