Crowded House: Farewell to the World Live

May 4, 2010 5 Comments

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Product DescriptionAustralian rock group Crowded House perform live on their farewell tour. Genre: Rock, Alternative MusicRating: NRRelease Date: 16-JAN-2007Media Type: DVD. . . More >>

Crowded House: Farewell to the World Live

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5 Comments to “Crowded House: Farewell to the World Live”
  1. Wyatt Burpp says:

    . . . But that doesn’t change the fact that he is an accomplished songwriter, gifted vocalist and the strongest member of Crowded House. If you are a Crowded House fan, you will probably have this DVD and not glean anything from this review. If you are curious about Crowded House, this DVD would be a splendid starting point; it represents the full span of their career very well and showcases their “legendary” live show in grand fashion.

    The show gets better as it goes along, and the band settles into a groove and barrels through the rest of the night with purpose. The highlight is in the encore sets, firstly when Tim Finn joins in, elevating the energy; as the last few songs wind down the mood gets significant and final, and the boys, especially Mr. Finn, deliver a performance of stunning emotional gravitas. As the cameras scan the crowd it becomes obvious that the band’s demise means the end of a significant era in the lives of many in Australia, New Zealand and indeed, the world.

    I was a bit surprised at the sloppiness of the performance in spots; the bass player hits wrong notes several times throughout the show, the drummer’s harmonies are dreadful at times and Mr. Finn spends an awful lot of time tuning between songs (there are roadies for that!), which leaves the drummer to spout alot of silly stuff (not necessarily bad). My guess is that, as it was their last show, they were either buzzed or just in a “to heck with it all” mode. In aither case, this is a “warts and all” release, which is commendable in this age of ultra-polished producer-driven music. This is an organic, energetic performance, true to the band if not always to their more glossy studio releases.

    A genius Neil Finn is not. Ray Charles, James Brown, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa. . . These are the geniuses of popular music. Neil Finn has alot of material and trends left to create to be counted among them. His singular sound, unique voice and prolific writing are a good start and I wish him luck (and will continue to be a fan no matter what he does) achieving that genius status that his more diehard fans like to bestow upon him.

    In the meantime; buy this DVD. It’s very entertaining and a great example of real (not plastic) people making real (not plastic) music.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. N. Plotner says:

    Excellent Buy. If you love Crowded House you have to get it.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Great DVD. Good camera work from the live show. Excellent stage show. The bonus features on disc two very likely could have fit onto Disc One with the concert, but there’s something about a multi-disc set that makes a DVD release seem like it has “value-added” properties.

    Generally happy with the set list, though I wish “That’s What I Call Love” was on there. I saw the band in a club in Memphis in 1986 and recorded a live concert of theirs off the radio about the same time. Both shows featured “TWICL” and they were rockin’ and a real highlight.

    Oh well — at least I got to meet the band after the show and get my cassette of their first album autographed. Wonder if I still have that.

    Good DVD and good value for the money.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Rommel says:

    there is a really bad audio sync problem that rears its ugly head at the beginning of the song ‘fall at your feet’. you will start noticing it when they pan out into the crowd and the clapping sound does not match the movement of peoples’ hands. you also see it on neil’s lips when they do a close up of him and on the other band members’ hands and fingers when they play their instruments.

    UPDATE: after watching the video on different dvd players and a home computer, it seems the audio sync problem affects ‘fall at your feet’ then the songs after it are alright. but then the audio sync problem comes back again on ‘its only natural’ and all the songs after it. quite annoying.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. Graham Moody says:

    This is a great concert and a great DVD. It is hard to imagine why the group decided to break up and say farewell to the world. PBS has in the last year aired the reconstituted Crowded House performing on Austin City Limits which is an excellent show. The personnel are the same except the drummer. Paul Hester died tragically.
    Crowded House is a band which grows on you. Their trademark ‘Don’t Dream it’s Over. ‘ just gets better with age.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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