Crowded House fans?

February 26, 2008 8 Comments
crowded house
nowhereman1084 asked:

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8 Comments to “Crowded House fans?”
  1. parker says:

    hey now,don’t dream it’s over

  2. h b says:

    i saw them twice in the early nineties, excellent live group

  3. Ask_Elvis says:

    Great band.
    They’re touring the UK this year, are you going to see them?

  4. bowie says:

    aw yea man wot about “together alone” the actual track (and the album) i still get goose pimples catching that one but there’s to many! great Ozzie band ,and you’ve got good taste!, you get on catching more!,love-on-ya!,bowie

  5. trixybelle says:

    fall at your feet is my fave :o )

  6. v-man says:

    Don’t Dream It’s Over is one of my all-time favorites.

  7. barney c says:

    they are amazing!

  8. psycholisa says:

    I´m right here. Fave song Better Be Home Soon.
    RIP Paul Hester, bless him.

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