Crowded House — Falling Dove

May 14, 2009 24 Comments
dayzeelive asked:


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24 Comments to “Crowded House — Falling Dove”
  1. Blackbird meets Mother Nature’s Son. I like it.

  2. LOL! Neil Prudence! I love it!

  3. Okay, NOW I know what he’s doing- it’s Dear Prudence! Beautiful

  4. I love Kiwis with shaggy hair! LOL

  5. Almost sounds like “Julia”

  6. Lunacrater says:

    Not long until the new album folks…Finntastic!

  7. tormefan1 says:

    Chills! I was in the front row at this brilliant show- if you have the opportunity SEE THEM LIVE!

  8. dayzeelive says:

    thanks for having my back, muzziklvr. xo.

  9. MuzzikLvr says:

    Blurry? This is one of the best quality fan vids I’ve seen. Sheesh…everybody’s a critic.

  10. LindazEyes says:

    You’re totally right, Neil’s an amazing songsmith- his two solo albums are virtuosos bursting at the seams w/ great hooks, melodies, lyrics… the whole package. And his well never seems to run dry!

  11. Byrdeyy says:

    Just came to this wonderful bird tonight. Isn’t he one of the very few fantastic living songwriters? Wonderful vid. Amazing Neil.

  12. leanda27 says:

    this must be gonna be on the upcoming . hope so. audio is very good on yr upload. fanx for posting a very clear sounding vid. bit blurry but still a goody.btw if you have any more vids to this calibre plz post would be most appreciated.happy nye

  13. With stuff like this, why doesn’t Neil get his butt in gear and do the next CH album instead of wasting his time reconvening the 7WC dudes?

  14. chfan1971 says:

    Amazing. Forget the White Album references, enjoy the genius of Neil.

  15. so funny. i was just about to post something about this song being the caliber of lennon & mccartney, and then i noticed the comment below. SO very true. NEIL FINN is THE songwriter!!! and i am a beatle freak.

    finn is THE one.

    no question.

  16. alkadypod says:

    Neil is so underestimated he is timeless and his lyrics ROCK!

  17. NRGMaMa says:

    LOL – very good points! I do hope this one gets finished. It’s gorgeous already.

  18. ebz92 says:

    Thisd is a really, really lovely song.

  19. symmie666 says:

    There is no-one on this earth that writes better songs lyrically or musically than Neil. His talent is just epic. All this hype about Lennon and McCartney makes me barf. 30 years on and Neil just keepsfiring them out year after year…. The Frog Song your havin a laugh

  20. captnpurple says:

    A beautiful Nick Drake vibe on this. Wonderful song. Also puts me in mind of some of the stuff on the fantastic new album by the Fleet Foxes. Hope this is on the upcoming album.

  21. Tanuki071973 says:

    Mother Nature’s Finn.
    Neil Prudence.
    Blackbird singin’ in the dead of Neil.

    Nice song reminiscent of the White Album. The structure of it isn’t quite coherent. Be great when it’s finished. If it’s finished.

  22. Markfly says:

    The best. Ever. :)

  23. doriedoodle says:

    Neil, you are magnificent!

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