Crowded House – Fall At Your Feet – Glastonbury 2008

February 25, 2009 7 Comments
johndehaura asked:


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7 Comments to “Crowded House – Fall At Your Feet – Glastonbury 2008”
  1. stratmad says:

    I’d agree with that, but if you were to compare them with say U2, who also generally receive critical praise for whatever they put out, they are not nearly as successful as U2. Maybe that’s not an entirely fair comparison but who cares right, their music will always be amazing.

  2. SpencerIves says:

    But they were successful critically. All 5 of their studio albums get nearly perfect reviews. And they are practically an institution in NZ and Oz, so they are successful commercially in that sense.

  3. stratmad says:

    Crowded House is brilliant / brilliantly underrated, if that’s at all possible. With songs like this and many many many others, why they are not more successful commercially is a complete mystery but at the same time it lets them fly just below the radar of major league success to keep that close knit, family, Antipodean only feel about them. Their music will always be brilliant regardless.

  4. CubyCuba says:

    there were a lot of people. it’s the best song.

  5. Amazing song!!!!
    great performance!!!!!
    nuff said!!

  6. barnabywilde says:

    China drums version is the best! check it out people !!!

  7. kreed82 says:

    why dont you have this in full?

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