Crowded House – Fall At Your Feet Cover

June 1, 2009 23 Comments
babs2002ukus asked:

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23 Comments to “Crowded House – Fall At Your Feet Cover”
  1. kmc071980 says:


  2. emogirl1902 says:

    no problem thnx for making this clear for me :D well hope u make more songs ( sing some new ones ) well i like ur video by the way
    ( emogirl1902 ) :)

  3. babs2002ukus says:

    your correct my friend neil finn wrote the song but it is credited as a ‘Crowded House’ song which the other members played upon, he has done many solo versions of it in live performances but nevertheless it is a Crowded house track

    hope this clears up any confusion and have a good day and thanks for taking time to listen :)


  4. emogirl1902 says:

    yup he is but he sang the song in solo ;) just to let u know

  5. babs2002ukus says:

    @emogirl1902 …………..ermmmmmmmmmm forgive me if im wrong but isnt the singer in crowded house ….. and the fin bros wrote the song …………..Babsie

  6. emogirl1902 says:

    ummmm not to be critic or anything but f.y.i this song is by neil finn lol :D no harf feelings

  7. Hixyboyblue says:

    try saying whenever a little faster lol, only joking, great cover and that Tak sounds wonderful. Thanks for posting

  8. elleamor says:

    Si…YOU sing with your heart…BravoooOooO

  9. is very good boy congratulations !!! brazil tankyou

  10. clivesurfy says:

    fuck me m8 i been playing and singing for years dude you wanna get your ass on tha fooking x factor. u head case you’d win tha hands down m8 best wishes binesy

  11. westonj05 says:

    reallly good, where did you get the tab?

  12. praslypiti says:


  13. truekris says:


  14. Hi i liked it verry much!!!you have a great voice! but i like it a little bit slower at “When ever i fall at your feet” you are going a little bit too fast, some people like it, i don’t! it’s not a bad comment or something like that!! keep the good work on!!

  15. Swweik says:

    good!!! keep it that way!

  16. neoikaruga says:

    their version would be good if the vocals stayed anywhere near the real tune, or the guitar was right, or even in tune..or even maybe if the vocalist could actually match what he is sing to what he is playing


  18. Jaydrummer92 says:

    fair comment my friend:)
    but im not the singer of my band:D
    hes better than me im a drummer lol:)
    yours is much better than mine btw:)

  19. babs2002ukus says:

    problem is my friend i felt your cover was forced and very un-natural although i did enjoy the ‘stop and stare’ cover

  20. Jaydrummer92 says:

    good, my band does this song, you need more emotion, i mean i can feel emotion there, but theres something missing.

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