Crowded House Fall At Your Feet Acousitc Cover

April 24, 2009 25 Comments
WillThePlank asked:

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25 Comments to “Crowded House Fall At Your Feet Acousitc Cover”
  1. Great song great show! 5 stars! cheers

  2. SMWhizKid says:

    really awesome!

  3. fallout1415 says:

    it doesn’t matter as long as it songs awsome, great job! = )

  4. I think its better than the original

  5. Dude your good, one of my fave songs!!

  6. kitdude21 says:

    This was AWESUM.

    Deliberate misspelling FTW)

  7. Not bad, but the sheet is a distraction. memorize the lyrics next time you perform it.

  8. WillThePlank says:

    Don’t worry im working on my voice =]

  9. Singing shows potential but needs work [:

  10. killer1snoop says:

    tht was great will

  11. itsallkillah says:

    i want more videos like this please :)

  12. N33L3SH says:

    haha, you had some fun there :D

  13. jrudy585 says:

    Outstanding cover

  14. that is so awesome will LOVED IT

  15. WillThePlank says:

    Cheers man glad you enjoyed it =]

  16. DJE179 says:

    You know I liked the cover James Blunt did on The Bedlem Sessions but this is sooo much better! 5* & Fav.

    Will you are awesome

  17. gstockton says:

    I put a quickie up yesterday, but you’re right on the music ones. I’m doing a song by The Jam currently and may have a live demo very soon. Stay tuned. You DO have a great voice Will.

  18. I noticed in the video description that Will uploaded this in 1280×720 so you can view in HD, not just High Quality :D

    Put &fmt=22 at the end of the address :D

  19. Will and Will’s Uncle FTW!

    Its crazy, i’ve heard this song 4 times today xD Twice on the radio, on the telly and now Will’s cover :D

    Great vid!

    Did i mention Will FTW?

  20. Ruthieeness says:

    var good :)
    diddn’t know you could sing….but you can :) you probably knew though… xD

  21. WillThePlank says:

    i did try to go into it on the practice but i haven’t sung properly in a long time and i just squeaked but cheers anyhoo man!

    also you haven’t made a video in a while whens your next lol?

  22. gstockton says:

    Hey excellent, you have talent man. Only recommendation would be to try for the falsetto note at the end instead of full voice, and you got a winner. Wow Will, who knew?

  23. WillThePlank says:

    Cheers man and don’t worry im getting round to it :P


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