Crowded House – Everything Is Good For You

February 12, 2007 23 Comments
Treehouseman asked:

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23 Comments to “Crowded House – Everything Is Good For You”
  1. hididdlyho82 says:

    sounds a bit quite!

  2. aohletsgo says:

    Awesome tune here.

  3. cleyson7 says:

    estas bandas dos anos 80 são todas gays más foram as melhores bandas até para agente curtir uma boa música entre elas erasure,oingo boing, the cure, pet shop boys, the smiths, george michael e outros excelentes.

  4. Daddycool332 says:

    man i had no idea eddie vedder sings backing vocals in this!

  5. docusboy says:

    this has the best middle 8 ever

  6. symmie666 says:

    love this track, cant even write anytimg more about this but pure class

  7. Brynstar says:

    Love the main guitar riff for the verse … pure melodic gold

  8. Awesome. Neil Finn can’t write a bad tune.

  9. This Cali girl loves her Kiwis.

  10. tolchok89 says:

    Meh. Prefer the songs written for Recurring Dream.

  11. sunnisativa says:

    loved it as do all their music ….

  12. We like you and your music very much.We just filmed some quality Berlin boys playing their guitars.We’d like it if you would have a look.Go to youtube + login ‘ 4 Berlin Boys ‘.

  13. CSAMSA says:

    nice nice nice!
    crowded house ftw!

  14. kleinebudde says:

    That is exactly what I was thinking :D

  15. MagoosShoes says:

    I thought I had heard all of the Crowded House songs. This one was new to me! What a wonderful surprise. Thanks for posting it!

  16. 1:52 >>> 2:16

    “Bring back your head
    Here comes trouble
    To turn me and be well —
    Cover your heart …. ”

    snippet of complete beauty! cover your heart ….

  17. kiwiguy15 says:

    kiwi’es all the way

  18. sullysnet says:

    love this song…. it is so Lennon sounding :)

  19. mangounit21 says:

    This really is one the best songs loud at home it rocks. I want my band to cover it. itchytriga. Man can he write songs

  20. millhouse75 says:

    Ahhh thanks for the post. What a great song !!

  21. euromaldito says:

    thanks for posting this, didn´t know it was a video for this song!
    sad song, it´s the last of recurring dream!
    i was only 11 when I bought it (the tape).
    love the final riff of this song!

  22. taja1976 says:

    Another fantastic song! Thanks for posting.

  23. Tim Finn is not in this CROWDED HOUSE clip as he was a member of the band for the recording of WOODFACE and his sole involvement w the TOGETHER ALONE album is a songwriting credit for CATHERINE WHEELS.

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