Crowded House Either Side Of The World

June 11, 2010 12 Comments

I took this in Melbourne,December 2008

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12 Comments to “Crowded House Either Side Of The World”
  1. Plumplechook says:

    WTF! I just read somewhere that this has been reworked in a ‘samba’ style for the upcoming album. Say it ain’t so Neil!

  2. beaglehowl says:

    I predict the next album will be spectacular!

  3. truenewsflash says:

    @Plumplechook Can’t wait for the new album. Do you know when it might be out?

  4. Plumplechook says:

    Easily the standout track of the ones they’ve previewed for the new album. Outstanding cascading 12 string guitar figure from Neil througout this track – particularly towards the end.

  5. SpencerIves says:

    MUST be on their next album.

  6. ebz92 says:

    absolutely brilliant :)
    just loooove them to death :)

  7. canbilli says:

    how good is this?

  8. leanda27 says:

    hey tab ,how goes it leo from perth. thanks for uploading whirlfrend

  9. 981012 says:

    Great video – unusual to find one where you can actually see the guys as well as hear them – thank you! :)

  10. freochook says:

    I really like this song! :D Thank you for posting. I really want to see them! Why didn’t they come to Brisbane?! :’(

    Thanks for the post.

  11. alkadypod says:

    thanks BABES :)

  12. louise196 says:

    What a gorgeous song!
    That show must have been awesome!

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