Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over

September 26, 2007 24 Comments
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24 Comments to “Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over”
  1. I don’t know why the musicians today don’t have the same quality as before. it seems everything turned into make money only. They don’t care about feling, making songs easily to understand but without any deept.

    Ok, not all performers, but most of them. The 70′ and 80′ had great performers that influence today’s, and that’s why everything is not lost yet.

    But that’s my opnion. I respect the others, but I have my opnion.

    By the way, this is a great song. Love it, part of my childhood

  2. queenjade09 says:

    this is IS BRILLIANT simple as that :) sooo addictive I LOVE IT :)

  3. clarrissag1 says:

    i never knew who ang this but everytime i heard a part of it, i melted!

  4. Faelsun says:

    When you were a teenager did you listen to the top 40 countdown shit your parents liked? Seriously I am old enough to remember and the adult stations blasted Stevie nicks night and day, and fucking STYXX Christ I hated Styxx. My point is.
    I mean the newest band I really like . .. is Ladytron, but most people in their 40s have no fucking idea who that is. I mean by the time you get older you mainly listen to talk radio and top 40 countdown and are hardly objective.

  5. @mattc941

    That’s what I mean, today’s ‘stars’ are useless turds made in a board room. Take these Jonas cunts, have you ever heard them sing impromptu on TV? They suck shit. They’re nothing without their damn lip syncing. They couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.

  6. mattc941 says:

    @islamstillsucksallah Why because back then singers actually had to have TALENT to make a record or decent music? That is so narrow minded of you, haha.


    And what’s even worse than idiots resinging classic hits is turning those hits into RAP! GOD! And have you ever seen the video of Kristie Lee Cook on American Idol a couple years ago singing The Beatles’ Eight Days A Week? She should have been swinging by her neck with THAT one.

  8. RBCHILD4EV says:

    @chesykin97 U wouldnt believe the millions of people on Yt who feel the same way and i’m glad 2 see people feel that on many different genres of music not just R&b and hiphop-its amazing and crazy at the same time, the record industries should feel played -Its like Houston we have a Problem 4 real! not good @ all! Oldskool come back!

  9. RBCHILD4EV says:

    @islamstillsucksallah so right about that! I say hands off the CLassics-do not touch!!!!!!

  10. IamZindzhi says:

    I could go to sleep on this one, but I won’t! Thank you sooooo much for posting this one!!!!

  11. mandreescu says:

    great song. brings me back to the summer of 1987 in a flash.

  12. @donnieray444

    You are SO right. The last thing we need are new artists, the like of that goddamn little snot Justin Bieber. That’s just a cash cow for execs making money off the vaginal dripping hormones of young teeny bopper girls and gay little tween boys.

  13. donnieray444 says:

    @islamstillsucksallah Right, all of the people who enjoy the music made today are far less intelligent than we are. It blows my mind to see people listening to bad music, why do they do that? it doesn’t really make sense. Also, people shouldn’t have opportunities to show their potential, cause that’s turdy. Music is terrible, but the LAST thing we need is new talented artists.

  14. Seeing them in Manchester next month – can’t wait!

    Top band – great songs!

  15. Stampit88 says:

    We all know music is shit these days. It takes zero talent to be called an “artist” today. And it’s been pop and hip pop music for a long time anyway. Late 90′s was when it all went down. Awesome song by the way.

  16. chesykin97 says:

    I love this song! I wasn’t even born when this was released!!!! Hehe. My parents keep playing their CDs over and over and I just … love CROWDED HOUSE! You guys totally rock!!! Thanks for the upload! ;D

  17. chesykin97 says:

    @islamstillsucksallah I completely agree with you. Most of today’s music IS trash. I’m glad to find out that I’m not the only one with this opinion.

  18. Tunzee02 says:

    The song was in the movie Steven King’s The Stand. I have love this and Don’t fear the Reaper ever since.

  19. subbylol says:

    Great classic song, Great songs can always touch everyones heart strings and this is one of them. I personally think of it as finding your soul and figuring out that love is what should rule us. Not our bitter differences. And the government and the mass media attempting to perpetuate the reality they want you to see. Your soul reassures you “hey now , hey now don’t dream its over (life), even after they tried to build that wall that separates us (humans)

  20. 80′s will forever RULE

  21. renecrod3 says:

    I love this song so much. Lots of great memories from the 80′s.

  22. emily18k says:

    fovero tragoydi ,aksexasto kai mageytiko.pote omws den tha stamathsw na oneireyomai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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