Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over (MTV Awards 1987)

December 16, 2008 24 Comments
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24 Comments to “Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over (MTV Awards 1987)”
  1. JAJAJA 1987. I forget the years. I´m old…
    ¡La pasé el descueve esos años!

  2. ¡Temazo! (great song)
    Good memories, when was teenager. 1887!

    Greetings from Chile.

  3. randyjm82 says:

    hammond sound….make fly in each song…!!! this is one of the great song of the history!

  4. @Catling121 Well, at least the *vocal* is live. : )

  5. what award did they win???????

  6. Vaportrail69 says:

    Damn I miss the 80′s

  7. MsCellolad says:

    @Catling121 Yeah. I noticed that too. How annoying!

  8. Catling121 says:

    I love this song and Neil’s voice is great, but it’s a shame that it’s all to a backing track. That’s the reason I never bother watching these things.

  9. newradfan1 says:

    Wow i remember watching this on MTV with my best friend. very nice!

  10. blairbeast says:

    @FederalReserveMan Well said and so true!!!

  11. negrogaspar says:

    what about the horns?

  12. Hi everyone in you tube land…
    I love this song. : )
    And I love this band…they have sooo many good songs.

  13. The young people of that time had much more respect for other people then and feeling good with friends meant everything

  14. lol. look how great this is, and now look at the mtv award shows we get these days.

  15. bad music very good

  16. Erin83 says:

    Like Neil Finn’s sarcastic response to the annoying Julie Brown..”Well your such a compelling personality..” hahaha…get it, Neil ?

  17. ummhello123 says:

    don’t dream it’s over.

  18. ummhello123 says:


  19. aychingao says:

    nice rhythm , but what’s the message?

  20. KRW1612 says:

    Not for the first 5 years!!! CROWDED HOUSE were foremd in MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA by two AUSTRALIANS and one KIWI. I think in any industry that makes them AUSTRALIAN. SPLIT ENZ were NZ.

  21. slicknik99 says:

    theres only 1, Down town judy brown !

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