Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over (MTV Awards 1987)

May 24, 2010 25 Comments

Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over 1987 MTV Video Music Awards Host: VJ “Downtown” Julie Brown Venue: Universal Amphitheatre City: Los Angeles, CA Date: September 11, 1987 For better resolution and sound, select “480p” on the Video Player controls .

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25 Comments to “Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over (MTV Awards 1987)”
  1. debonthweb says:

    Amen …..:)

  2. willnotallow says:

    don’t worry; they’ll be back.

  3. tokiohotelguys says:

    I LOVE THE 80′S!!!!! :)

  4. Dunford00 says:

    ya its definitely a backing track, oh well..

  5. SuperPicoroco says:

    JAJAJA 1987. I forget the years. I´m old…
    ¡La pasé el descueve esos años!

  6. SuperPicoroco says:

    ¡Temazo! (great song)
    Good memories, when was teenager. 1887!

    Greetings from Chile.

  7. randyjm82 says:

    hammond sound….make fly in each song…!!! this is one of the great song of the history!

  8. snidelywhiplash says:

    @Catling121 Well, at least the *vocal* is live. : )

  9. thestupidgypsy says:

    what award did they win???????

  10. Vaportrail69 says:

    Damn I miss the 80′s

  11. yourgirlfriday1966 says:

    Downtown Julie Brown

  12. MsCellolad says:

    @Catling121 Yeah. I noticed that too. How annoying!

  13. Catling121 says:

    I love this song and Neil’s voice is great, but it’s a shame that it’s all to a backing track. That’s the reason I never bother watching these things.

  14. newradfan1 says:

    Wow i remember watching this on MTV with my best friend. very nice!

  15. FederalReserveMan says:

    Thank you very much!!

  16. blairbeast says:

    @FederalReserveMan Well said and so true!!!

  17. negrogaspar says:

    what about the horns?

  18. misserinchase says:

    Hi everyone in you tube land…
    I love this song. : )
    And I love this band…they have sooo many good songs.

  19. FederalReserveMan says:

    The young people of that time had much more respect for other people then and feeling good with friends meant everything

  20. FaintestFusion says:

    lol. look how great this is, and now look at the mtv award shows we get these days.

  21. rickspencer66 says:

    bad music very good

  22. ammani88 says:


  23. Erin83 says:

    Like Neil Finn’s sarcastic response to the annoying Julie Brown..”Well your such a compelling personality..” hahaha…get it, Neil ?

  24. ummhello123 says:

    don’t dream it’s over.

  25. ummhello123 says:


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