crowded house dont dream its over live

December 24, 2007 24 Comments
dankx75 asked:


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24 Comments to “crowded house dont dream its over live”
  1. They just dont make bands this good anymore.

  2. rwc20071 says:

    150,000-250,000 estimated at that concert

  3. tonimice says:

    Why do the bands of the past seem so much better live? Now bands can not play like this live. They just don’t have the cred.

  4. nelsondowney says:

    The blend of music and poetic ideals in his song was phenomenal. He wrote a classic. Millions of people enjoyed his art. He dressed casual and was modest while thousands of people adulated him. The memory of his music made the world a better place.

  5. Hmm, I wonder, this was a free concert that anybody could’ve gone to and then Brittney Spears makes you pay a fucking fortune to see her lip sync to one of her shit songs. I mean I wish I could’ve grown up in the 80′s with this music. But I’m stuck in this shit generation of horrible music.

  6. rwc20071 says:

    thats a big bloody crowd

  7. ginaleamaher says:

    totally underrated band.

  8. Denisbassman says:

    RIP Paul Hester (Crowded House’s drummer died in 2005). And this song is just amazing

  9. layneus says:

    One of the best bands in the world playing one of there best song and one of my favourite songs, so good. Inspired me alot

  10. reneebigsur says:

    thank you,,hy vee,,for playing this song,,while i work!!! muzak??? ok!! dont care,,love it!

  11. athenayesha says:

    my inspirational song..

  12. MegaEurogirl says:

    songs like this one don’t come out everyday, AWESOME!

  13. petalouka says:

    Nice – its the time of my birth :) ))

  14. Heathaholic says:

    i remember when this song came out :) spring of 86, best year of my life. nothing can beat the 80s.

  15. MrGiego says:

    come to GREECE pleaseeee!

  16. ceeIoc says:

    Great performance. Sounds exactly like on record.

  17. jayheard4 says:

    where are thses persons now?

  18. nelsondowney says:

    Great art touches you emotionally. This song sends chills down my spine. I never learned the words cuz I was so mesmerized by the music.

  19. muffelutsch says:

    i love this song it´s a part of me… thx 4 posting ..

  20. ranjitb68 says:

    yes its available on DVD

  21. 93shaggy says:

    my god they are easily one of the best bands live ive ever heard and just a sensational song by them

  22. will always be ad stay amazing! Just in perfect harmony

  23. grimlygrim says:

    this is gonna sound weird but never bought any album by these it never ceases to amaze me how fuckin good they arewhen i hearthem they should be up there totally .vocals and harmonies amazing

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