Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over (Live Earth 2007)

May 24, 2007 25 Comments
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25 Comments to “Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over (Live Earth 2007)”
  1. Is that a Geddy Lee Fender Jazz Bass he’s playing?? sweet

    I want one…

  2. ASTROFlSlCO says:

    Gives me goosebumps:

    2:47? – 3:05
    4:07 – 4:30

  3. aguante Paul Hester!!!

  4. Getrealpeeps says:


  5. DirectGaming says:

    2:47 – 3:05 is just Epic.

  6. Crimedog3333 says:


  7. Sillyguy2008 says:

    Actually 2 hit wonder in us something so strong went top ten 2 best band ever!

  8. T0mask0 says:

    absolutely true…

  9. papahet1889 says:

    idols in nz bro

  10. SpencerIves says:

    Only a one hit wonder in the US, in Aus, NZ and most of Europe they are massive.

  11. ebz92 says:

    if you want to get technical, they ARE Australian, and as a plusm, they admitted it in Melbourne last last year, (Neil) “Melbourne.. aaaa our home town, it’s a lovely place now, haven’t been back in a while” (Nick) “Melbourne, you are our home town, hope you realise that”

    sorry to dash your hopes…
    just because they’re fronted by a Kiwi, doesn’t make them a Kiwi band.
    they originally had ONE Kiwi, and TWO Aussies…

    just to get technical :)

  12. iscariot79 says:

    Neil have been changing the guitar solo all over the years. I think it’s fantastic, because he make variations but always keep the essence. I don’t know if they’re the best band, but they’re songs moved me a lot. I hope i can see them live one day.

  13. I dont think Paul Hester (RIP) or Nick Seymour are from NZ. I do believe the band woz formed in Oz. But Neil is definatly from Nz.

  14. Sillyguy2008 says:

    they are and always will be the greatest band live and neil is the greatest songwriter there music means so much 2 me!

  15. dotti90 says:

    They are not australian they are KIWI

  16. l7ebels says:

    the band was formed in melbourne australia, theyre an aussie band, they will vouch for that

  17. sith1971 says:

    What a great song from the 80′s and still playing live until now.

  18. croldan1 says:

    no matter what, in Ecuador, sweden, Australia or any other country, this song rocks!!!!

  19. swayBboy says:

    tool avecjp ofcourse its class

  20. avecjp says:

    Some Bands are remembered just for one song, but this it´s not something bad, this song is a beautiful song and is better be remembered for something beautiful than never be remembered for nothing, by the way, i love this song!

  21. MikexBugs says:

    As they say the passage of time. I viewed from the start of Crowed House when this song first came out until their Earth Day performance in 2007. Great Song

  22. dotti90 says:

    Greatest New Zealand band of alllllllll time. No comparison

  23. jwLindrup says:

    The best performance at Live Earth.

  24. davidheroX5 says:

    Awesome song. Check out my acoustic fingerstyle cover of this and many others. Feel free to comment :)

  25. SKANDALROCK says:

    ????i?? ?????? hello from dark side of tht earth

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