crowded house dont dream its over live

December 4, 2007 20 Comments
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20 Comments to “crowded house dont dream its over live”
  1. leoray1234 says:

    Crowded House were one the best live bands I’d ever seen in concert…and still are

  2. navyaww says:

    This song have to be my all time LIVE proformance…

  3. vaarixx says:

    Great Liveversion of a Lovesong ever! Love it!.

  4. rosseaualfa says:

    One of the most beautiful popsongs ever ! Love it so much…

  5. tigerslear says:

    This is one of the BEST live version’s of a song!!!!!

  6. This is a great song and it was featured in the Stephen King movie, The Stand. Excellent performance!

  7. Trick6828 says:

    My First and only Love

  8. Trick6828 says:

    Leslie Mason I LOVE YOU…38 i could have been married to you…And for ever

  9. rolavarga says:

    A very special song for me. Great video.

  10. tribeofjudah says:

    What memories…!!! When we were young and in LOVE…. This was my anti-breakup song… Don’t dream it’s over.

  11. Trick6828 says:

    FINN….play for us, never give up , we will listen

  12. redltg says:

    my most favorite vid

  13. MsOldGregg says:

    This song never fails to lift my spirits and I love the harmonies.

  14. kpt40 says:

    what a song , thanks finn man

  15. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHrgasmic!!!!

  16. shpankyfunky says:


  17. rod8503 says:

    fantastic classic

  18. cabronte says:

    I have it in my will that this is played at my wake. Not the greatest song ever written, but the one that touches my heart the deepest. Just…just….

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