Crowded House – ‘Don’t Dream it’s Over’ (Hey Now) – Homebake 08

September 19, 2009 9 Comments
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9 Comments to “Crowded House – ‘Don’t Dream it’s Over’ (Hey Now) – Homebake 08”
  1. SpencerIves says:

    I think a sign of a timeless song is when ravers with glow sticks are singing along and waving their hands to a song over 20 years old.

  2. TimRobbo80 says:

    An awesome day… capped off by this incredible performance ! One I wont forget !

  3. essjane says:

    Wicked day, and an amazing set to top it all off!

  4. WalterSmidge says:

    They were awesome… the whole set was one big sing along… amazing

  5. sweatizzle says:

    yeah what a douche, glad he got booed and booted out!

  6. mattallan9 says:

    That was the best ever! to the fuckwit that threw the thong! Get hit by a bus you wanker! Best act all day!

  7. EPseano says:

    gives me goose bumps watching this.
    i was there but a bit further back good video.

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