Crowded House (don’t dream it’s over)

June 24, 2007 25 Comments
rafodeth asked:

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25 Comments to “Crowded House (don’t dream it’s over)”
  1. owengurl says:

    i dont know y ilove 80s>D

  2. owengurl says:

    hey now hey now…nice music!

  3. GasHouse100 says:

    Excellent translation guy! I didn’t have realized about the ideological and social meaning of this song, by the way is my favorite one!

  4. mjdennis78 says:

    the 80s was the best cruising the ave, listing to music

  5. aukai102706 says:

    Are you serious only 71,332 Views i was kinda expecting atleast over 2 million views…Anyway, Amazing song…

  6. soo dont listen it again !!!!

  7. marcbrusa says:

    You right levinnite!!!!!!!!!!!! that was a great time for everything and I still missing those times……. greetings from Brazil………..

  8. rafodeth says:

    thanks for your comment and excuse my English, it’s good to know you have good memories of that time, greetings from Peru

  9. levinnite says:

    The 1980′s was a great time not only for music; but it was a GREAT decade for peace, prosperity, and pride! For those of you who were not fortunate enough to be alive during that decade, you have absolutely no idea what you missed! That decade was about good times, working hard, building America’s prominence; etc. I would give anything to go back as an adult during that time; as opposed to growing up in that era. I am glad to know the music I grew up listening to still resonates to this day!

  10. MAZIMUS2711 says:

    this song makes me remember how much i loved my dad when i was a boy.

  11. weballin32 says:

    and if you’ve seen the movie adventureland..its in there too

  12. omg its a beatiful song it s from medium xDD

  13. I love this song and am going to share it all around the internet cause I think the words are powerful and people need to hear them and feel them. Don’t dream it over!

  14. Cnaflam says:

    May be listening to this song isn’t a good idea for you then.

  15. qazo2010 says:

    but the song is totally opposite of this, talks about they will NEVER stay apart

  16. PimpThe478 says:

    Anytime I hear this song -I feel very quiet and melancholy and want to be all alone.

  17. zaranine says:

    i was born the year the song came out !! so awesome song! love 80′s !! powaaa! thX for sharing!

  18. TheCyberbaby says:

    loved ist as I was a young girl

  19. laylisbonita says:


  20. sneakysantos says:

    im 19 an naaa wot listen 2 day is not crap u LOSER

  21. Yssie08 says:

    Are you sure you’re still not a kid, I mean the way you spell, lol. Are you kidding me, 80′s music is better than the crap they have today.

  22. sneakysantos says:

    maaaan 2 b honest i normaly h8 music like dis its cheesy but i memba as a kid drivin to liverpool from plymouth an it on da radio wen i was’a kid so only brings me goood memories looooooooool

  23. mamuchilore says:

    tantos recuerdos me hace llorar!!!

  24. traveler1938 says:

    I remember this music from that amazing movie from Stephen King – “The Stand”

    Sweet sound…

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