Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over

June 2, 2010 20 Comments

Live in Massachusetts

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20 Comments to “Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over”
  1. ivysdave says:

    This is indeed a tough song for those of us who are older to sing. I can’t hit the high notes… when the song was first out I sure could.

  2. swanyswany says:

    this is very nice, thanks for uploading!

  3. misa1952 says:


  4. briansmoke says:

    They are my favorites from NZ

  5. 047marie says:

    its so coool :)

  6. marce691 says:

    great song i remember the ’80s

  7. GuitarRockinChick18 says:

    the guitar isn’t rly tuned down in the “original” song. although i wouldn’t mind using a capo myself playing this song LOL, would take the strain off of my short fingers. WOO HOO GO 80′S KIDS!! (that would be ppl my age n older)

  8. ebz92 says:

    It isn’t exactly the same as it used to be, only because Neil has his capo on the third fret as opposed to tuning his guitar down, but once he gets started there really isn’t that much of a difference, still sounds breath taking.

  9. clwbchsunset says:

    Hats off to Neil for trying to lead drinking non singers! Not an easy feat, especially a heart sung from the heart. Some song are easy to tune out the crowd and just perform, not this song!!

  10. darkstar941 says:

    huh? what you saying, it is the original key

  11. natg900 says:

    I think Neil’s voice is like a fine wine.. only improves with age :)

  12. crimsondynamoo says:

    You’re mental, he sounds fine. You ever been on tour? Your voice gets beat up singing night after night, he’s still hitting the falsetto just fine and that’s always the first to go. I’ve seen him live a dozen times and he’s one of the best live singers you’ll hear.

  13. Guitarz1970 says:

    A true artist….

  14. bimini9 says:

    Just a song. The variances makei ti interesting. Technical criticism is easy to do as 100,000 people can play guitar as good or better. But that is not what it is about. It is about reaching people. This guy reaches people better than the 100,000 players that can sing better and play better.

  15. RantVideos says:

    boy you got it back Neil

  16. downunderoutback says:

    Thanks mate for pointing that out. Some people are not aware of what bands go through. Even Russell Hitchcock of Air Supply is not able to hit those high notes as before, same as Neil Finn. They are my favorites from oz land. Touring is especially demanding as it can be a strain on the vocal chords. I am thinking Neil is singing a tad lower at the key of E. But not much difference. He still sounds great. After all these years, Crowded House is still in demand. I’m so glad and so are the fans.

  17. aknowneemus says:

    i love it and so do millions of others,work on YOUR 5 octave range and stfu!

  18. tmenown says:

    He’s not that far off — it’s the drunkards in the crowd throwing him off. As a musician, I can tell you this is not an easy song to sing. Are you a musician? Do you even know what key this is in? If not, I’d lay off Mr. Finn as he recorded this song about 21 years ago. Our voices change after years of trying to entertain obnoxious self-important fans who drink too much and think they know something about music. I know firsthand.

  19. RantVideos says:

    Neil you ruined your voice thinking you still can’t sing it in the original key. You should of stayed in the original key and worked on that. now your so far off. But love you still and your song. so much

  20. amozartii says:

    Is this a recent show? They sound great!

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