crowded house distant sun live

March 22, 2009 24 Comments
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24 Comments to “crowded house distant sun live”
  1. 93shaggy says:

    the fact that he goes out of tune a few times adds character to the song i think that all live performances are better as its the raw version of there music and they are such a great band it just makes them better

  2. climbon74 says:

    It’s called “being in the moment”, we’ve all been there, this is one of them.

  3. jezxk18 says:

    kind of agree with dreadmorayeel, Mark Hart is a little out of tune for some of the song, i still prefer this version to the studio one though, Neil Finns solo is great :D

  4. modo03 says:

    Aye.They’re a nightmare to keep in tune.Especially in a live situation with the heat and all that.Look at the look the guitarist gives Neil at 2:35

  5. CeeCee008 says:

    I was just about to post that exact same comment! You beat me to it! :)

  6. i dunno… but i think the greatest ever lyric is “i dont pretend to know what you want, but i offer love…”

  7. SeanKelly26 says:

    yea you’re right…12 strings are a pain in the ass to keep in tune but when they are, they sound amazing, especially Danelectros like Mark is playing. I have a Danelectro DC12 and it’s great except when it goes out of tune when I’m playing a show hahaha

  8. trunkeight says:

    It official. The high G string on the 12 is out a Quarter tone.

  9. Maybe it’s my ears but from 3mins.35 thru 4.15 it sounds pretty painful to me…don’t get me wrong..i love this song and these guys are great players but tuning woes can happen to anyone…Cheers

  10. anon467 says:

    theres nothing wrong with the 12 string there mate

  11. LRsIII says:

    uhh wow this video has 2 be one of the Silliest and sexiest vids online. just like me!

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  12. Great song..shame the 12 string player’s having a tuning ‘mare….shit happens i guess..

  13. tahasic says:

    best songwriter and singer of all time Neil Finn and best band Crowded House!

  14. dorcik93 says:

    I absolutely agree with you.

  15. bigworld1001 says:

    this song is painfully beautiful…RIP Paul.

  16. dorcik93 says:

    I love versions from FTTW ;) ) Do you have more??? I think about Into Temptation, etc.

  17. farwud says:

    With both CH and Split Endz, Neil is able to put a song together that wont have a typical hook or formula and most of his best work like William Faulkner, is not always accessable on the first listen. The ture appreaciation of his song writing is in the relistening. How can you get tired or bored with these sogns. They are timeless

  18. rowey1212 says:

    Gees they are such a great, and in my opinion somewhat underated band. Some of their songs are absolutely brilliant. Talk about a stack of talent on stage together! Thanks for the great music guys :)

  19. gri321 says:

    paul mcartney was once asked what it is like to be the worlds best songwriter, he said that he wasnt, when asked who was he replied Neil Finn.

  20. The electric 12 string is out of tune

  21. 90s4eva says:

    sometimes these guys really do make the beatles look like amateurs they are so amazing. so glad they reformed

  22. LollyLouLa says:

    Gorgeous song, gorgeous lyrics. Love the line ‘ I don’t pretend to know what you want but I offer love’- so beautiful.

  23. alstro67 says:

    just cant watching this version so great

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