Crowded House Concert – Message to my Girl

February 20, 2010 9 Comments
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9 Comments to “Crowded House Concert – Message to my Girl”
  1. fluffydolly says:

    pure magic…..great pair

  2. mrfeenin says:

    thats good audio recording

  3. cunts taking footage on mobile phones in fucking pathetic – loosers imagine sitting at a concert and holding your phone up. The cunts that took this are complete disrgraces – listen to their stupid voices. Then to post it on this cunting site like a badge of honour ? Typical Kiwi shite – grab a look in Bondi……..ha ha loosing cunts

  4. markduff says:

    Im sure Neil doesnt mind , he prob enjoys the fact that they are singing because they love the song.

  5. Beauvoir666 says:

    Great clip, thanks alot. I’ve always loved it when Neil does this song at the piano…much better IMO than the full band Enz version. The piano just makes it seem so much more tender.
    Thanks again!

  6. alitwigg says:

    Y’cant help but sing along to Finntastic music. I’m doing it now as I watch this clip.
    It’s only natural!


  7. Eeza07 says:

    You’re just retarded. Clearly you have never been to a concert. Fuckin’ idiot.

  8. bbt69er says:

    leave them alone there just having a good time. how bout you listen to urself first.

  9. Lovely…until a member of the audiences decides they can sing it as well. Why do people do that? Listen to yourself and never, NEVER do it again!

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