Crowded House – Chocolate Cake (Music Video)

October 26, 2007 24 Comments
adam130295 asked:

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24 Comments to “Crowded House – Chocolate Cake (Music Video)”
  1. doctordel says:

    Considering that this song was released as a single and WAS NOT included on the Greatest hits Package it seems as though the Band or at least the record label had second thoughts about biting the hand that feeds. I loved this song when it came out and still do. Too bad it put a nial in the coffin of a great career and string of hit songs.

  2. reminds me of the Beatles “Savoy Truffle”
    no doubt a major influence on this song

  3. HartKent says:

    @angler1987 As a New Zealand and CH fan, I’m glad you as an American and CH fan get the ”joke’ of the song. Some of the others that have commented obviously don’t have the ability to laugh at themselves the way Texans do. I have a couple of friends who are from Texas and they also love this song.

  4. Mitsies says:

    Very clever song.

  5. mitts61 says:

    Ha! We haven’t ever needed bailing out. Remember last year? Banks, Car makers. Yeh…uh….we didn’t need help there. Mortgages? No problem really….no one lost their houses.

    Floods, Ice storms, tornadoes….no one needs you. Go attack another country and kill their people…..

  6. monkeyboyiv says:

    While we do some good, sometimes, you have to admit America doesn’t hold to same standards that we place on the rest of the world.

  7. Didn’t do such a good job with katrina, and that was your own country… but whatever.

  8. Yeah right…you guys would be the first to call if something bad was happening such as natural disater or other. We bail out the world everytime but still catch shit. Eat your mushrooms and shut the hell up.

  9. Gjeorje says:

    nothings new, -like dead drummers and opposites.

  10. LordPrick says:

    YOU ARE A “KIWI”.. You Fuckin’ Stupid “CLUB KIWANI” RETARD…. Did You Get Your “Rubber Ducky” Yet?

  11. You may have a point there!

  12. joaltaylor says:

    You just keep telling yourself that. :)

  13. thalkettoth says:

    Legends they are! Legends!

  14. 1nown says:

    “Can I buy another slice of real estate”….. Crowded House predicted the Subprime Mortgage crisis!

  15. The Kiwi’s wish they had it like America. People keep bashing us but keep coming back.

  16. BigJasonStud says:

    paul hester ,, one of the funniest doods ever!

  17. pramboy74 says:

    good to see the new zealand boys together for this video, reminds of some of the videos during the split enz days

  18. chris2fma says:

    this is damn good music

  19. doubleredsx3 says:

    this is one of my favourite songs, but the video is just tacky :(

  20. The close ups and the dancing make the whole thing work for me! Too cute!

  21. smileydude23 says:

    love neils jig at the end :)

  22. all there songs are so random

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