crowded house breakin my back live

June 1, 2009 11 Comments
dankx75 asked:

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11 Comments to “crowded house breakin my back live”
  1. bobos01 says:

    im with you on that. its a rather tense version here.

  2. arm240582 says:

    1 word, superb.

  3. leanda27 says:

    its all been breaking my back with the weight of it all.poor paul he really should stop all that domestic cleaning and let the others chip in. lazy blokes.he he

  4. davidbolan says:

    Prefer the Enz version.

  5. StillOnFire says:

    Have to say it’s probaly my favourite track on See Ya Round, I like to think it as an early prototype of what was to come a CH version of Breakin’ My Back would have fitted on the debut album pretty well, though I guess with the reworked version of I Walk Away it may have been kinda silly to have contained two tracks off See Ya.
    Fantastic live version, cracking!

  6. baranyandi says:

    Wow! Strong Neil vocals on this one.

  7. wessexdroid says:

    Classic enz…they’re a legend and were way ahead of their time when you listen to the music of this era..great posting, thanx dankx75!

  8. I have this song on a cd I got from the CH fan club, this actual version I have. Wow, now I get to see it.

  9. GIGLIETTI says:

    Rare song to see as well as hear. Off the See Ya Round Split Enz last album. Great bass and harmonies by the guys.

  10. Seeing Paul is heartwarming and heartbreaking all at once. Black And White Boy, Skin Feeling and Try Whistling This make me think about the oscillating euphoria and dysphoria that seemed to drive Pauls public persona. I’ve learned from Paul why we should care for our loved ones affected by mood disorders. Make sure they are doing okay frequently, call to remind them that they are important, useful, needed. every day if necessary.

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