Crowded House – Better Be Home Soon

June 17, 2009 9 Comments
seekereye asked:


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9 Comments to “Crowded House – Better Be Home Soon”
  1. Andraste77 says:

    If this was the Somerville Theater in Davis Square, I was there. Great…GREAT show. We don’t see nearly enough of these guys in the states. Thanks for posting this!

  2. rej1960 says:

    Watch really carefully – he actually is playing a barre chord…..its one of those wrap-the-thumb-around-the-fretboard F9 chords that rock’n'rollers use all the time and music teachers hate.

  3. IETCHX says:

    uses the Emn7 as well, the middle 8 has a few complicated chords, but can be simplified with root chords

  4. babs2002ukus says:

    C,Am, Em, G for verses

    C,C7, F, G, C for chorus rest is fairly simple to figure out

  5. meisterfilth says:

    trying to work out the chords… as all the tab websites has him playing a barre chord, but he clearly doesnt.

    so far got for the verses – C, AM, EM then not sure… not too sure if he’s playing the top string in the 3rd fret and possibly the bottom string in the 3rd fret???

    does anyone know what the chords are that he is playing on this?

    thank you

  6. blindsidec says:

    sorry bum notes on bass at 2 mins not 3.43

  7. blindsidec says:

    oops bum note on bass at 3.43 but love this song

  8. finn94 says:

    Thank you for knowing how to record audio.

  9. I was at this concert!

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