Crowded House – Better Be Home Soon

July 18, 2007 9 Comments
mickelodeon72 asked:


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9 Comments to “Crowded House – Better Be Home Soon”
  1. KereHeath says:

    this song makes me so home sick, Im a kiwi living in Aussie, when i feel like shit, this song reminds me of meat pies, speights and the caroline bay carnival

  2. FearghMusic says:

    Amazing song. These guys were amazing for quite a while..

  3. IngerAnna says:

    He is such a great songwriter!

  4. Muchas Gracias, muy buen video.

  5. si2008nz says:

    you should check out Mystery Liquid’s single “Incomplete”, with photos from our time spent recording the track at Neil Finn’s beautiful “Roundhead Studios” in Auckland, New Zealand.

  6. thenauga says:

    awesome song, it hurts when you feel these lyrics apply to you.

  7. 1wanaBurGurL says:

    i have the farewell concert dvd at home i love them i always watch it

  8. bengill27 says:

    love this song

  9. trentsgirl79 says:

    Nice video, I saw them at the Beacon in NYC on August 8th and 9th… Best band in the world.

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