Crowded House at Much Music Together Alone Promo (1/4)

June 23, 2010 4 Comments

Neil, Nick, and Mark stop by the MM studio for interview and live performance. Please rate and comment. Would love to hear from other CH fans!

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4 Comments to “Crowded House at Much Music Together Alone Promo (1/4)”
  1. wettekre says:

    Neil Finn = GENIUS

  2. dangleonstrings says:

    These guy’s are just so good, great songs and playing. Yes a new album on the way for 2010 can’t wait.

  3. enviroguy101958 says:

    Great interview. Can’t wait for the new CH album. Neil predicts January or February 2010.

  4. KrytenMark says:

    I was gutted when Paul left ,but this was still a very special time for me.From the u.k and haven’t seen this before-great to hear Mark talking! Thanks alot for putting up…..

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