Crowded House – 789

November 14, 2009 14 Comments
fitterhappier74 asked:


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14 Comments to “Crowded House – 789”
  1. ebz92 says:

    New album due out in June, it’s going to be called ‘Intruiger’

  2. lincalinca says:

    Apparently it is, but with the title changed to “The Intriguer”.

  3. Great, I hope “789″ plus “either side of the world” & “turn it ’round” are on it

  4. thijsderoo says:

    Neil said about a month ago that the album be out in March 2010. Approximately.. ;)

  5. Still waiting for the new album….

  6. When ever I hear the intro I can’t get this line and tune out of my head….

    ‘Can You Tell Me How to Get, how to get to Sesame Street?’

  7. simonhead666 says:

    Only Neil Finn can make a sweet little pop song in 7/4!!

  8. Just great. Bring on the new album guys.

  9. ebz92 says:

    Jeez, lovin it.

  10. Loved it too, happy I was able to share.

  11. capo3rdfret says:

    man I am loving this!!

  12. Also quite different from all the rest.

  13. Markfly says:

    Yes! Great new track.

  14. alkadypod says:

    Gotta Love my Man :)

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