Cramped up in my house what should i do?

April 26, 2010 10 Comments
crowded house
amy c asked:

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10 Comments to “Cramped up in my house what should i do?”
  1. Guitsr Hero says:

    Find a special place around the outside of your house and go there whenever your confused or need alone time.

  2. Every Bird Must Leave Its Nest At Some Point In Life Depending On How Old You Are But IT Helps To Move Out With Some Roomates Like May Two People And Then You Guys Can Get A Three Bedroom Apartment And Split The Rent Three Ways So Its Not So Expensive

  3. Are you old enough to drive to the local Starbucks? its a great place to be alone and think. If theres any restaurants (even fast food) within walking distance go hang there. Take a book. It’ll get you away for a while

  4. Gracie says:

    Better than being in your house alone with strep throat. lol! I would go outside, climb a tree, and read a book or magazine. Nature coupled with reading will eliminate stress.

    Good luck!

  5. I am sorry you have no personal space. Seems so unfair. I don’t have any ideas…wow. Way to hang in there little sister.

  6. Charley says:

    If I where you, I would find a “Special Place” somewhere, whether it be a closet or special spot in the back yard. In time – Your dreams will come true. Good Luck

  7. Rachel says:

    that happened to me before we moved in with my step dad. it was my grandpa, mom, 3 brothers, one sister, and i. we all shared rooms but we managed. if you have enough money saved, go apartment “shopping” it might help you get organized with your life. sorry about that. or, find a roomate to move in with you so you can spilt the cost of rent, because rent is expensive these days. just get everything prepared before you want to move out. it takes time.

  8. Eve says:

    I would just find some place else to hang. Pitch a tent, build a treehouse or shed you can hang out in, go to the lake, fish..find a spot and hang a hammock and read a book…get a job…not much you can do about your circumstances but make the best of them.

  9. aliciahentz says:


  10. If you are old enough to get a job, then get one, if you are old enough to move out then go. if you are contributing to paying the mortgage or rent and at least half of the other bills then you have a complaint. But what I hear is this, you don’t understand why your mother has all the people in Her House
    it looks like your Mom has compassion for those who need a little help and a place to lay their heads. and she said, I am sure that I can help!!!

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