Comeback Kid – “Wake the Dead” Victory Records

July 13, 2006 25 Comments
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25 Comments to “Comeback Kid – “Wake the Dead” Victory Records”
  1. @mikeymacaque
    you make us punks sound like fags foo

  2. @mikeymacaque
    you make us punks sound like fags foo

  3. mikeymacaque says:

    Man, this video reminds me of the video floating around on Youtube of Black Flag’s Rise Above. I’m glad punk/hardcore is still full of unity. I love how the trendy metalheads now all bitch about what’s “real metal” and shit. Punks don’t care, we just lock arms, raise a fist, and shout in the pit.

  4. ZeRoO4478 says:

    @Incepti0n haha these people sucksxD they dont know the real ax7, they just changed to make money and these shiet sucks

  5. Incepti0n says:

    hahaha dude people talk shit on me all the time for liking old a7x!

  6. ZeRoO4478 says:

    @Incepti0n yes, im with you, bands like disturbed and new ax7 sucks, i miss old ax7, better listen hardcore :)

  7. zetaboi says:

    hardcore and combat kid forever and ever

  8. Didisininho says:

    Muito bom mesmo, umas das bandas q admiro ñ só pelo som mas tbm pela decisão de vida!!!

  9. Incepti0n says:

    I’m actually totally cool with getting hit and shit
    hell i love to get punched
    but when the fatasses go into the pit
    and just kinda push people over intead of actually fucking mosh
    just fuck off
    and by the way I’m 6″3 170lbs
    so im not very small

  10. @Incepti0n

    …im a big guy..and i bet you re one of the small guys who get owned.
    its called hardcore

    extreme music for extreme people

    not for pussys.
    so stay at home and listen to the music there, and dont waster your time on shows.

  11. tommycrew1 says:

    buenos recuerdos con este tema xD

  12. willwoo89 says:

    @Incepti0n deffinatly, hopefuly more people’ll start to realise that

  13. why! frankenstein! WHYYYYYYYYY!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

  14. mrfish911 says:

    I was there for that video shoot :)

  15. Incepti0n says:

    Yeah, because most people who go see Comeback Kid do PCP..

  16. nick0413 says:

    @Incepti0n yeah i agree. plus at like punk concerts alotta people in the pit are like high on pcp so its hilarious

  17. log20 says:

    Are you fucking kidding me?!!! >:(

  18. Pyro84 says:



  19. HL18CSS says:

    Burnout Revenge!!!

  20. ewqdsacxy says:

    wir sehen uns beim HIGHFIELD *____*
    fucking Awesome

  21. @Incepti0n big guys do suck in pits…..but I tend to get more hurt by the smaller one. I’ve tripped a few big guys on purpose before for them being douchers.

  22. don’t think i like the singer :S

  23. bmxslayer says:

    @Incepti0n Theres a reason metal bands just stand in place a lot. The music they are playing is way beyond any hardcore or punk band out there. But punk and hardcore shows are fun. Except for the jumpkicking nazi bullshit.

  24. heavytransit says:

    well actually i think that all the scenes are fucked right now well atleast here in Mexico, the punks are the same idiots who only talk about anarky and shit and in the hardcore scene theres a bunch of assholes who beat the shit out of people because because they hit them in the pit.

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