Clutch “Electric Worry” Music Video

March 14, 2006 23 Comments
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23 Comments to “Clutch “Electric Worry” Music Video”
  1. bobthe5th says:

    That man sure has a voice!

  2. RoivasUGO says:

    @BADASSMANDO Ohw shit! I needed a tool like that every so often but never found one. Thanks!

  3. Zoidbear says:

    Thumbs up if Left 4 Dead 2 brought you here

  4. chocanoman says:

    harmonica? solo bad ass

  5. softandheavy says:

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

  6. gmvgreg says:

    bang bang bang bang… doritos doritos :D

  7. defragen1 says:

    lol they used this song in the left 4 dead 2 commercial

  8. BADASSMANDO says:

    For anyone who wants to play this on a loop,
    just throw “endless” in front of youtube in the url.

  9. N3B0R3D says:

    @AlternateDiscord You’re fucking stupid.

  10. haloefa1 says:

    that’s my kind of stuff …


  12. xxMrToastxx says:

    Amaaaaaaaaaaaazing song.

  13. JackIsASpy says:

    I imagined the singer absolutely different

  14. adamalio says:

    CLUTCH RULES been a fan since day 1. seen a shogun named marcus on bevis a butthead in early ninties and was hooked and now own every cd they put out . not burned. respect them that much

  15. CrveniGavran says:


    geez calm the fuck down I was joking on the fact that everything can be pirated nowadays -.-

  16. @CrveniGavran People need to legally get music or bands that aren’t well known go out. Completely. Don’t be a dick, download your music legally.

  17. CrveniGavran says:


    you…YOU LEGALLY GET MUSIC?! what is wrong with you?

  18. CrveniGavran says:

    This is epic beyond words.

  19. coolnilas says:

    Left 4 Dead 2!!! Awesome!!!

  20. thekiller966 says:

    left 4 dead 2 trailer music song :)

  21. What other band headbands while playing the harmonica

  22. trika3000 says:

    @AtomicBacon NoMeansNo

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