CBB – Does anyone else not like the crowd making a noise when Davina speaks to house?

November 26, 2009 7 Comments
crowded house
Ellie asked:

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7 Comments to “CBB – Does anyone else not like the crowd making a noise when Davina speaks to house?”
  1. anne s says:

    ha ha at least vinny knows he is hated now
    watch his poodles run away or at least question his behavour

  2. they never used to let them hear the boos,,,,,glad they do now,,
    scare em,,,wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. D-Struct says:

    Did they chant get Vinnie out? Please somebody tell me.

  4. Yeah i agree. The housemates aren’t supposed to know anything beyond the walls of the house. If they hear the boos (or cheers) they may act differently.

    Maybe a bit of rule breaking?……

  5. kalindi says:

    yes over the last few years they do it every time. its a bit much i think. if they just cheered then the house wouldnt know whats happening


  7. Ritzysamaaaa says:

    Yeah I’m with you on that one …… really does take away from the feeling of suspense / especially watching at home – and no doubt it has an effect on behaviour – they should cut it out so the HM can’t hear it

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