Can you name songs with lyrics that contain famous people or characters in it.

March 1, 2010 24 Comments
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24 Comments to “Can you name songs with lyrics that contain famous people or characters in it.”
  1. madonna – vogue

    Greta Garbo, and Monroe
    Deitrich and DiMaggio
    Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean
    On the cover of a magazine

    Grace Kelly; Harlow, Jean
    Picture of a beauty queen
    Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire
    Ginger Rogers, dance on air

    They had style, they had grace
    Rita Hayworth gave good face
    Lauren, Katherine, Lana too
    Bette Davis, we love you

  2. madonna =vogue

    lil miss badas beat me by 20 seconds damn it lol

  3. madonna’s vogue mentions quite a few

    betty davis eyes – can’t remember the artist

    Gary Gilmor’s eyes – the adverts

    there’s a guy who works down our chipshop swears he’s elvis- kirsty mccall

  4. mlred says:

    Madonna’s Beautiful Stranger gives a shout out to Sigmund Freud

  5. Cheryl B says:

    Kim Carnes – Bette Davis eyes
    Cher – Just like Jessie James
    Boney M – Rasputin
    Johnny Wakelin – Muhammad Ali
    Bananarama – Robert De Niro

  6. jeremy.ethan says:

    Don’t know if it’s what you mean, but Bowling for Soup’s High School Never Ends names a lot of them…

  7. Tiny*teen says:

    “we didn’t start the fire” – Billy Joel

  8. New Radicals – You only get what you give

    Marylin Manson and Courtney Love

  9. Theresa says:

    “I try to think about Elvis” by Patty Loveless.

    She mentions Elvis, Oprah, Shakespeare, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones

  10. Kate D says:

    Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’” and Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis” both mention Elvis. And don’t forget Rush’s “Tom Sawyer”!

  11. onthemoon says:

    Tonight i’m gonna go down in flames
    Just like Jessie James

  12. Rebekah G says:

    the killers “ballad of michael valentine” mentions greta garbo and some other dude.

  13. Zoo Station says:

    U2 have a song dedicated to Martin Luther King called M.L.K on The Unforgettable Fire

  14. MissEssex says:

    “That don’t impress me much” by Shania Twain, mentions Brad Pitt

  15. IvaS says:

    Sympathy for the devil – Rolling Stones (Jesus, Pilate, Anastasia, the Kennedys, the Czar)

  16. dave_e_wood says:

    We didn’t start the fire – Billy Joel.

  17. yorkie says:

    catatonia’ s song “tom jones”
    catatonia ‘s roadrage (mulder and scully)

  18. half asleep says:

    Born To Be Sold by Transvision Vamp.
    It’s The End Of The World by REM

  19. Desolation Row – Bob Dylan
    Mentions many famous people. Marvellous song too.

  20. shelly says:

    weezer- buddy holly

  21. Tony D says:

    try, mr.crowley by ozzy osbourne ( about alistair crowley )
    perfect water by blue oyster cult ( the diver man jaques cousteau )
    haysi fantayzee john wayne is big leggy
    buddy holly bo diddley
    weezer buddy holly
    generation x king rocker ( elvis presley )
    phil lynott kings call (elvis presley )
    blue oyster cult joan crawford
    OMD enola gay ( an aeroplane ) the b29 that bombed Hiroshima
    OMD joan of arc
    OMD maid of Orleons ( joan of arc again )
    B.A robertson bang bang ( many names mentioned , including ; houdini , lord nelson and lady hamilton ,the marqee de sade , sherlock holmes , cleopatra , mark antony ,julius ceaser)

  22. formal07 says:

    Scouting For Girls-Elvis Aint Dead
    Where Do You Go To My Lovely?-Marlene Dietrich and Picasso
    The Shed-I Can See Where John Denver Was Coming From Now
    Kenny Durham-Goodbye John(John Denver)
    Mika-Grace Kelly”try a little Freddie”-perhaps Freddie Mercury,thats all I can think of for now.
    Edit:there’s also the song from the simpsons-everybody hates ned flanders-if that counts!!
    Edit:The Ballad Of John And Yoko.

  23. ANDY01489 says:

    Robbie Williams- She’s Madonna
    Marvin Gaye – Abraham, Martin & John
    Alvin Stardust – Feel Like Buddy Holly (also mentions Sinatra & Paul Simon)
    P!nk – Don’t let me Get Me (Britney Spears)
    Robbie – Strong (Oprah Winfrey & Ricky Lake)

  24. Murderdolls – Dead In Hollywood Lyrics
    Album: Beyond The Valley Of The Muderdolls

    Hey (Frankenstein), what’s on your mind?
    Hey (dracula), I heard you suck
    Now (Vincent Price) was Dr. Phibes
    Come steal my brain Fritz
    And take it to (Dr. Frankenstein)

    Hey (Norman Bates), how are your rates?
    Hey (Leatherface), remove my… face
    Hey Tall Man, just take my hand
    And lead me to your red planet

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